• Sacrebleu! AmazonMP3 to expand internationally this year

    AP image: The magic of Amazon AmazonMP3, the best way to get DRM-free MP3s onto your iPod—iTunes sells AACs, some with DRM—,will be available in other, non-U.S. countries beginning this year… and that’s all the info we have. No specific dates, no pricing information, no region-specific peculiarities. Just the warm feeling that… Read More

  • Sony BMG to sell DRM-free MP3s on AmazonMP3

    [photopress:sonybmgamazon.jpg,full,center] Sony BMG will sell its music DRM-free on the AmazonMP3 store by the end of the month. This is the second move for Sony BMG in the DRM-free MP3 business. Last week, it announced that it would be selling DRM-free MP3s at retail stores (for largely the same price as CDs). More validation for that rumor, then. There’s two winners here. The first… Read More

  • AmazonMP3's referral program: Get up to 20 percent per song or album

    How does Amazon respond to Apple’s increasing the size, and dropping the price of, its DRM-free music store? By promising you free money, of course. Amazon was quick to point out yesterday that its affiliates can earn up to 20 percent, or up to $1.50, per album or song sold on its AmazonMP3 online music store. (Compare that to the 5 percent that affiliates can make from iTunes.) All… Read More

  • Apple drops price of iTunes Plus songs to 99 cents

    Look at that, 99 cents Apple is dropping the price of iTunes Plus songs by thirty cents, from $1.29 to 99 cents. Not all of the songs have seen a price drop yet, including the only iTunes Plus songs I ever bought (The Knife’s “Like a Pen” set of remixes), but that seems to be just a function of time. All such songs will be 99 cents in anticipation of an expansion of its… Read More

  • Don't overreact to AmazonMP3's tough-sounding user agreement

    Holy smokes. I was gonna belittle this guy’s column on how users of AmazonMP3 should be wetting their pants. Then I reread it, realizing that I had completely missed the point. Reading the user agreement for AmazonMP3, you’ll notice the legalese is more harsh than, say, iTunes’, as it relates to copying the music and fair use. Amazon’s says, essentially, if we… Read More

  • AmazonMP3's Watermarks Are Nothing To Be Concerned About (Yet)

    Let’s not jump to conclusions, privacy hawks. Word on the street is that the MP3s Amazon now sells contain watermarks. The thing is, the watermarks—so far—only have information where the file was purchased and downloaded from. The record labels apply the watermarks to the files and Amazon has little say over that. There’s nothing in the watermark that says… Read More

  • Apples and Amazons: Fun Facts And Pretentious Bands

    Would you rather see boring company logos, or literal nonsense? AmazonMP3 has the potential to not suck, which, knowing all the non-iTunes pay-to-download services, could be a first. It works on any OS, all MP3s are DRM-free (and encoded at a decent 256kbps) and music is available from artists you’d actually hear on the radio—actually, that may be a negative. Support a few… Read More