• Review: Alesis DM6 Drum Kit

    Short Version: The Alesis DM6 drum kit is a full set of electronic drums that is extremely accessible, yet just as difficult to master as the real thing. In un-packing the box it came in, one thing was immediately clear; this is no kid’s toy. This is a nine-piece set (10, if you include the drum module that makes the magic happen), weighing in at around 40 pounds. Read More

  • Alesis JamDock does what a single cable can for more money

    You are a musician. You want to play along with some song or an instrument that’s stored on your iPod (I would never do that). Now JamDock is an iPod dock that let’s you connect your iPod to a mixer. Something you could do with a $3 cable. The JamDock powers your iPod when it’s in the dock. Like you don’t have another cable for that anyway. Read More

  • Akai unleashes the MINIAK virtual analog synthesizer

    The MINIAK from Akai Pro is a music production powerhouse featuring virtual analog and FM synthesis, sequencing, a built-in arpeggiator and vocoder. Akai teamed up with Alesis so unfortunately it’s not a “pure” Akai synthesizer. If you look at the thing it looks similar to the micron from Alesis which I happen to own. Read More

  • Digitize your tapes with TapeLink

    Tape is dead. However my silly brother still has 400 of them in the bottom of the car, most of them in pieces but some are still enjoyable. The TapeLink from Alesis will let you digitize your old tapes, clean the sound with the bundled software and convert them to MP3’s. Read More

  • Alesis Performance Pad builds upon SR-16 drum machine

    Expanding on the popular SR-16 drum machine, Alesis has incorporated eight velocity sensitive pads and released the Performance Pad. The kit-mountable Performance Pad comes with 2 inputs for external kick and hi-hat pedals along with a line-level input for attaching your iPod of CD player. A MIDI output (but not input?) is also incorporated. The 233 included sounds are mappable to any pad. Read More

  • Alesis iMultiMix 8 USB Records Right To iPod

    Home recording certainly has come a long way. From old tape-based machines to hard disk to CD to SD cards, I thought the industry had run out of storage methods. Then in comes Alesis with its iMultiMix 8 USB Pro iPod Recorder. Basically, it’s just a nice-looking 8-track that will record to your iPod’s hard drive. You can also integrate music from your iPod into one of your… Read More