• Review: AKAI LPK 25

    I love my keyboard. It is actually a synthesizer, an Alesis micron but I use it as a midi controller. The only problem is I have it in the rehearsal room(s) all the time. So what if I have to work on some music at home? I have to carry that big bunch of plastic from the rehearsal room to the flat and back three times a week. Why not buy a midi keyboard just for home use? No money, no space… Read More

  • Akai launches APC40 website

    It’s been a while since Akai introduced the APC40, a controller for Ableton Live. In 17 days the APC40 will be available worldwide. If you head over to APC40.com you can see the remaining time until the controller is released. You can check out in person how the APC40 performs with Live 8 on one of the workshops of Akai and Ableton. There are some dates for Europe too. Read More

  • Akai unleashes the MINIAK virtual analog synthesizer

    The MINIAK from Akai Pro is a music production powerhouse featuring virtual analog and FM synthesis, sequencing, a built-in arpeggiator and vocoder. Akai teamed up with Alesis so unfortunately it’s not a “pure” Akai synthesizer. If you look at the thing it looks similar to the micron from Alesis which I happen to own. Read More

  • Akai unleashes the APC40 for Ableton Live

    It’s hard to find good controllers for Ableton Live. The APC40 from Akai Pro could change that. The controller talks to Live and vice versa so you get feedback on the led rings around the knobs. That allows you to see the state of each function that is controlled. That is way too cool because setting up a midi controller with Live usually makes me have a heart attack. Read More