Agile Partners

  • Video: Alex Skolnick Trio Trade Amps For iPads At WWDC

    Agile Partners, makers of AmpKit and AmpKit Link for iOS, sent me a video this morning of the Alex Skolnick Trio playing a gig at WWDC using iPads instead of amplifiers (except for the drummer). It looks like they are probably running the iPad outputs right into the P.A. system. This setup probably wouldn’t work for all kinds of music, but in the right situation, like this one, it… Read More

  • Review: Guitar World Lick Of The Day for iOS

    Guitar World Magazine and Agile Partners launch a new and pretty straight forward iOS app today called Guitar World Lick Of The Day. As the name suggests, the app delivers a new guitar “lick”, in the form of a video lesson, every day through a monthly subscription service. The app itself is free and comes pre-populated with several free licks so you can try it out first. You can… Read More

  • Review: AmpKit and AmpKit LiNK

    In the course of any guitarist’s life, there will be some point where they come into contact with a product manufactured by Peavey. And if that 80s retro logo, complete with pointy-angled letters, bestows itself upon your amp on stage it will either be a source of embarrassment or a badge of honor, depending on your design tastes and sound needs. While I took the logo off it long ago, I… Read More