After School

Controversial After School App Relaunches With New Safety Features And Zero Tolerance For Hate

After School is back and ready to try again. The mission is the same: Give teens a safe but anonymous place to talk to high school classmates. After several months of retooling the app just relaunched

After School App Again Pulled From The App Store After More School Shooting Threats

The anonymous posting app <a target="_blank" href="">After School</a> is again no longer available in the App Store. The app was pulled sometime late yesterday a

After School Is Back On The App Store, But With Changes To Curb Cyberbullying

After School is back. The anonymous message board application returned to the App Store several hours after it disappeared earlier today. The app is still marketed to students and allows for the anony

After Multiple Reports Of Cyberbullying, After School Disappears From The App Store

Another haven for cyberbullying is gone. The app After School we reported on yesterday is no longer available in the Apple App Store. It’s unclear at this time if it was pulled by Apple or taken

After School Is The Latest Anonymous App Resulting In Student Cyberbullying And School Threats

Meet After School, an anonymous Whisper-like app that hit the App Store in October 2014. And of course it's causing issues in countless schools like Yik Yak and did before it.