Guitar Hero: Aerosmith launched today in NYC

Image via Reuters Yeah, I was supposed to go to the launch earlier today in Times Square for GH:Aerosmith, but that clearly didn’t happen since I’m not using my own photos. Anyway, the gam

Complete ‘Guitar Hero: Aerosmith’ song list

Various tracks from the upcoming “Guitar Hero: Aerosmith” game have been trickling out, but we finally have the definitive list of the 40+ tracks that’ll be included when the title ships on June

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith spotted in the wild

How I Met Your Mother is one of my favorite TV shows and this week’s episode featured Marshall shredding away at Guitar Hero, but not just any ole version of GH. If you look closely at the photo

CrunchArcade Preview: Guitar Hero Aerosmith

I’ve just returned from playing a little bit of Guitar Hero Aerosmith. It was cool, but it’s basically like playing Guitar Hero 3 or so I thought. It’s all in the details that you mo

Pre-order Guitar Hero: Aerosmith at Best Buy

[photopress:IMG00063.jpg,full,pp_image] I was at Best Buy last night looking for some cheap Xbox 360 titles and stumbled upon the pre-order for Guitar Hero: Aerosmith. I haven’t seen anything th

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith to feature drums and vocals?

If only there were a game like Guitar Hero where you could also play drums and sing instead of just playing the guitar parts. They could call it something like oh, I don’t know, Band of Rockers