Social Marketing: Glue Guru Giveaways Target Online Influencers

<img src="" width="202" height="199" /> Brand marketers trying to figure out how to tap into social influencers online might wan

The Future Of Social Search (Or Why Google Should Buy Facebook)

<img src="" /> If you could search your friends' thoughts, interests, and activities, would that be a better search experience?

Union Square Ventures funds Adaptive Blue

Semantic web Firefox plug-in provider Adaptive Blue announced today that the company has raised an undisclosed amount of funding from Union Square Ventures.  The company’s product, called Blue

BlueOrganizer 3.0: Instant Vertical Search and Tagging

In the crowded space of social bookmarking, Adaptive Blue’s BlueOrganizer is one of the most innovative services online. That innovation is continuing with today’s release of version 3.0 o