activation fee

  • Sort of CrunchDeal: T-Mobile waives activation fee, but only if you're lucky

    This has to be the most cockamamie way to score a deal I’ve ever encountered. For Mother’s Day, T-Mobile will waive the activation fee if you’re lucky enough to come across the banner ad on MSN’s home page. I’ve tried looking for it to get a screen grab, but I have a life and I refuse to sit here any longer. Simply follow these instructions put forth by TmoNews… Read More

  • T-Mobile keeps on giving

    No disrespect to the original, but BHIC does a damn good job here. Give it a minute before you hit the jump for the one and only. Looking to switch carriers? T-mobile near the top of the list? Well, the deal just got sweeter because they’re waiving the $35 activation fee for n00bs until the end of the year. So scoot on over to your local store or check out the site. The Curve, Sidekick… Read More