• Long Time Holdout AC/DC Finally Shoots To Thrill On The iTunes Store

    Long Time Holdout AC/DC Finally Shoots To Thrill On The iTunes Store

    AC/DC’s catalog is now available on the iTunes Store. The band had been one of the last remaining major holdouts, outlasting the Beatles, Bob Seger, Kid Rock, Metallica, The Smiths and more. iTunes now offers all of AC/DC’s hits, including Back In Black, The Razors Edge, Highway to Hell and more. You can even buy the Studio Collection, containing all of their albums for $100, or… Read More

  • New AC/DC Rock Band details: Exclusivity, No online play, Song exporting

    The more I hear about the recently announced AD/DC Rock Band expansion, the less excited I am about it. After reading through the details unearthed by Variety today, my interest remains low. The New Details: Harmonix has exclusivity on AC/DC content indefinitely, after they’ve gone on the record as being against exclusive artist deals No character creation “There are some… Read More

  • AC/DC gets their own version of Rock Band, sold exclusively at Wal*Mart [Update]

    This is getting out of hand. MTV is set to announce AC/DC Live: Rock Band Track Pack today, says the NYT. The game’s launch in November will help boost awareness for the band’s new album “Black Ice.” Each Wal*Mart store will have a special section dedicated to the game, album and other memorabilia. MTV and Wal*Mart are apparently looking to set up pop-up stores in… Read More