Another fatal Tesla crash is being investigated by US safety regulators

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has opened an investigation into a fatal crash involving a Tesla, according to documents viewed by TechCrunch. The investigation, which was opened in

Apple Japan Now Ready To Replace Overheating 1st Gen iPod nanos

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34 Minor iPod Accidents: Apple Under Scrutiny By The Japanese Government

<img src="" /> If you're Apple and manufacture and sell hundreds of millions of electronic devices over the years, accidents are <a

Computer-related injuries on the rise: Have you ever had a computer fall on you?

<img src="">The American Journal of Preventative Medicine, in a release that is sure to get onto daytime television news and tal

JerkStopper saves clumsy laptop owners from themselves

<img src="">Of all the laptops I’ve owned over the years – at least a dozen or so – I’m proud to say that I’ve never, ev

Small girl dies after dad drops TV on her

<img src="" />Wow, this is sad news. A little girl in England was killed over the holidays when her father accidentally

Man turns on train tracks, causes accident because his GPS told him to

Some fool in upstate New York followed his GPS’ directions a little too closely, right onto a pair of train tracks. And yes, the car was hit by a train. No one was hurt, though. The man, a Mr. J

Car vs. iPhone: Who shall be the victor?

Umm… looks like the car won. Reader Meir ran over his iPhone with a Mercedes — if you’re going to destroy your phone, do it in style, people — and quickly hopped out to retriev

Another dumbass killed by a train while talking on cellphone while crossing tracks

We’ve all heard the addage “Hang up and drive, assface!”, but I would like to remind our readers to hang up and walk. In San Leandro, CA, a man was tragically hit and killed by an on

Cellphones can kill you

Part of being a gadget owner is being responsible. You should know your cellphone etiquette, like not talking while driving wihtout a handsfree kit, remembering to mute the ringer in a theater, and ke

More Safety Help From Nissan: Accident Prevention System

It’s not just drunk driving that Nissan wants to eradicate, but reckless driving in general. A new system that’s set to debut before the end of the year will help drivers avoid accidents.