Uber restarts self-driving passenger pilots in Arizona and Pittsburgh

Uber has confirmed that all its autonomous test cars are now back on the road in the US, following an accident in Arizona on Friday evening that left one of its vehicles flipped on its side.

Uber self-driving test car involved in crash in Arizona

More bad news for Uber: one of the ride-hailing giant's self-driving Volvo SUVs has been involved in a crash in Arizona -- apparently leaving the vehicle flipped onto its side, and with damage to at l

Woman falls into hole at golf course, dies

<img src="" /> Horrible news from Japan: A 38-year-old woman from Sapporo died yesterday after falling into a sink hole

Dangerous toy robot hurts 14 kids

<img src="" /> A small robot sold by Japanese toy giant <a href="">Bandai</a> is reportedly not the

Foot massage machine kills three people

Japan-based Matoba Electric [JP] is in some serious trouble. All TV stations in Nippon today covered the bizarre deaths of 3 individuals who died in tragic accidents that happened after using foot mas

Japanese company offers flashlight with integrated video camera for use at crime scenes

Japanese accessory maker Carrot Systems began to sell a flashlight [JP] last month, which is able to record video and sound via an integrated mini CMOS camera and microphone. The AD-1500 stores record

Man follows GPS directions onto train tracks, car destroyed

Someone’s been recreating episodes of “The Office” in his spare time. A California man drove into a Metro North commuter train last night in upstate New York because “the GPS s

$1.4 Million IBM Server Falls Off Forklift

D’oh! Some genius at a warehouse didn’t properly secure a server to a forklift and it fell off while it was being loaded into a truck. Federal contractor T.R. Systems’ employees must