• Uber self-driving test car involved in crash in Arizona

    Uber self-driving test car involved in crash in Arizona

    More bad news for Uber: one of the ride-hailing giant’s self-driving Volvo SUVs has been involved in a crash in Arizona — apparently leaving the vehicle flipped onto its side, and with damage to at least two other human-driven cars in the vicinity. Read More

  • Woman falls into hole at golf course, dies

    Horrible news from Japan: A 38-year-old woman from Sapporo died yesterday after falling into a sink hole that suddenly opened up when she was playing golf with her husband and two children. The golf course is located in Abira, a small town in Hokkaido, Northern Japan. Read More

  • Dangerous toy robot hurts 14 kids

    A small robot sold by Japanese toy giant Bandai is reportedly not the safest toy you would want to give to your kids. The company received complaints from a total of 85 parents in Nippon. In 14 cases, kids appear to have been hurt because they got their fingers caught in the robot. Some Japanese media are reporting that a 3-year old boy lost the tip of his pinky.. Video after the jump. Read More

  • Foot massage machine kills three people

    Japan-based Matoba Electric [JP] is in some serious trouble. All TV stations in Nippon today covered the bizarre deaths of 3 individuals who died in tragic accidents that happened after using foot massage machines made by that company. Matoba already apologized to all their customers, issued an official warning and promised to tackle the issue as fast as possible. Users accidentally… Read More

  • Japanese company offers flashlight with integrated video camera for use at crime scenes

    Japanese accessory maker Carrot Systems began to sell a flashlight [JP] last month, which is able to record video and sound via an integrated mini CMOS camera and microphone. The AD-1500 stores recordings in MP4 format on miniSD cards. 2GB can hold up to 180 minutes of video material. The flashlight is ready for infra-red video recording (within a distance of 4 meters). Carrot Systems wants… Read More

  • Man follows GPS directions onto train tracks, car destroyed

    Someone’s been recreating episodes of “The Office” in his spare time. A California man drove into a Metro North commuter train last night in upstate New York because “the GPS system [told] him to turn right, and he [turned] right onto the railroad tracks.” You read that right. Because the GPS “told him” to turn right, he turned right then had his… Read More

  • $1.4 Million IBM Server Falls Off Forklift

    D’oh! Some genius at a warehouse didn’t properly secure a server to a forklift and it fell off while it was being loaded into a truck. Federal contractor T.R. Systems’ employees must have really been dicking around, because had they known a $1.4 million server was just wrecked, I’m sure a few of them would be running in the other direction. So how did it happen? Read More