MIA: No 80GB PS3 on Sony's Web site, new version due?

[photopress:ps380gone.jpg,full,center] Head on over to Sony’s online store today and you’ll notice that something’s missing. Yes, the 80GB version is nowhere to be found. Rumors abou

Zune 2 80GB interface demo

Here’s a pretty in-depth look at the interface on the new Zune 80GB. I won’t lie, it looks pretty slick.

80GB PS3 Drops, 20GB Version Gets Cheaper

The 80GB PS3 has finally hit the market for the low, low price of $599.99 with a copy of MotorStorm. As expected, the 20GB rig has dropped down to $449.99, which is great, but the 60GB is only $50 mor

60GB PS3 Being Removed From North America

Uh oh! Remember how the other day I was talking about the Emotion Engine and how the 80GB won’t have it? Well it essentially now means you won’t be finding the Emotion Engine anywhere exce

80GB Playstation 3 Won't Have Emotion Engine

Say goodbye to all those games you bought for PS2 With cost cutting measures going into effect at Sony, it makes sense for the console manufacturer to remove the Emotion Engine chip inside the PS3. Bu

80GB Zune, Codenamed Scorpio Coming Soon

Zune Scene has the scoop from an inside source at Microsoft that a bigger, better flash-based Zune is coming out along side the Draco. The Scorpio will be packing 80GB of storage and is said to be rol

80GB PS3 Hits South Korea Next Month

Break out that wallet of yours for Sony will, in fact, release an 80GB PS3 next month, confirming earlier rumors. For now, the 80GB model is only confirmed for release in South Korea (for the low, low

80GB PS3 Is For Real, Dare We Say In the Wild?

Lay the rumors to rest, as the truth has now been revealed! Here is a spy-shot of an 80GB Playstation 3 “in the wild” as they say. Before you go calling Photoshop and all that jazz, reader