• [Updated] Google: Verizon not playing fair with newly won bandwidth

    Google is calling out Verizon to the FCC in regards to the V’s recent win in the 700MHz bandwidth auction. One of the rules the winners have to abide by is the open access portion, stating that the bandwidth the carrier uses would have to be open to any application on any device, not just those supplied by the winner. The Goog thinks that Verizon’s reading of the rule is more along… Read More

  • How does AT&T feel about the FCC auction results?

    Earlier today the FCC announced the winners of the 700MHz auction and AT&T swooped up the B-block in case you were wondering about the image. Instead of AT&T’s logo I decided to give you folks some eye candy. “AT&T’s strong spectrum holdings position the company to further enhance the quality and reliability of existing wireless broadband and voice services, and… Read More

  • AT&T buys big chunk of 700MHz wireless spectrum

    AT&T got the okay by the FCC to purchase 12MHz-worth of the 700MHz wireless spectrum owned by Aloha Spectrum Holdings (covered here in October) for $2.5 billion. This slice “covers 196 million of the 303 million U.S. residents and includes 72 of the top 100 media markets in the country,” according to IDG News Service. AT&T plans to use the spectrum for a combination of… Read More

  • AT&T to buy big chunk of 700MHz wireless spectrum

    Oh what $2.5 billion buys nowadays. AT&T will be purchasing 281 markets-worth of licenses in the 700MHz frequency band from Aloha, a company based out of Providence, Rhode Island and "the largest owner of 700MHz spectrum in the US." Read More

  • Wireless Industry In For A Shake Up

    FCC Chairman Kevin Martin has a dream. He envisions an America where the 700MHz spectrum that’s being auctioned off soon goes to the people, not a company full of rules and restrictions. Gone are the days of locked phones and lengthy contracts. Instead we all live in a place where any device can be used to tap into a mobile broadband network. Rock and Roll Fantasy aside, it would be great… Read More