• Canon outs new firmware for 50D, XSi, and XS

    New firmware time, shutterbugs! It’s a big firmware for the 50D and addresses the vertical banding issues that have plagued the otherwise fantastic digicam. Plus, the new firmware updates all three cameras so they will support the AF assist beam feature of the new flash, Speedlite 270 EX, which is scheduled to be released sometime this month. Canon via PhotographyBay Read More

  • Canon, Nikon and Olympus all send out updated DSLR firmwares

    Firmware updates for all! The Canon 50D is receiving an update for WFT-E3/E3a wireless transmitter compatibility while the Nikon D80 and D200’s update solves the dead battery syndrome. Finally, the Olympus E-520 update brightens up the AF target points in the viewfinder. Nothing major, but still worth while if you happen to own one of these cameras. via dpreivew Read More

  • Canon' EOS 50D release date revealed and available for pre-order

    Those shutter nerds that can’t wait to get their sweaty palms all over the latest 15.1MP Canon DSLR can now fork over their cash to Circuit City or Amazon for a pre-order. Previously, Canon hadn’t announced a launch date for their latest, but according to the Circuit City product page, it looks like that date is October 6. Should you choose to wait or not, the new camera will cost… Read More