• 3jam Launches Virtual Numbers, Takes Google Voice Head-On

    Google Voice has been making a lot of headlines lately, but not for the reasons you’d hope. The service is already running into frustrating opposition from Apple and possibly AT&T (depending on who you believe). Today, it’s getting opposition of a different kind: 3jam, a company that until now has primarily offered services that revolve around SMS messaging, is expanding to… Read More

  • 3Jam Offers Refuge For Abandoned Twitter Users

    Last week Twitter announced that it had disabled outbound SMS updates for nearly all of its international users because it has been unable to negotiate favorable deals with cellular carriers. Up until this point, Twitter has allowed users to receive incoming SMS messages free of charge, footing a bill that it says amounted to up to $1000 per user, per year. The service will continue operating… Read More

  • Reroute Mobile Text Messages To Your PC With 3Jam's SuperText (Private Beta Invites)

    If you don’t have an all-you-can-eat subscription plan for your mobile phone that includes text messages, those messages can really add up on your bill. Especially if you are a teenager. Or a Twitter addict. Now there is a way to bypass those costly text-message fees when you are online. A new service by 3Jam called SuperText is launching in private beta that detects when you are at… Read More

  • Facebook Is Blocking Ads From MySpace, Friendster, Hi5, Orkut . . . and 3Jam?

    If you try to buy an ad on Facebook, there are certain words that are taboo. Any ads that contain four-letter words are automatically blocked. So too are ads with the names of competing social networks “MySpace,” “Friendster,” “Hi5,” , or “Orkut.” (Curiously, “Bebo” and “OpenSocial” go through just fine, as does… Read More

  • 3jam Lands Virgin Mobile Tie-In

    Multi-person SMS startup 3jam has launched a new tie-in with Virgin Mobile USA: 3jam SMS 2.0. The new service provides an improved level of text messaging by allowing friends and family to connect by multi-party text-message conversations. The 3jam application is free and requires no subscription, however standard text messaging rates apply. The launch marks the first time a U.S. mobile… Read More

  • A look at eight multi-person SMS services

    The DEMO conference is wrapping up here in San Diego and unlike when it began 16 years ago the conference wasn’t dominated by mobile launches. None the less, there were some very interesting mobile services here like ScanR and Realeyes3D image scanning by mobile photo, Flurry‘s simple email and RSS on Java phones and Grand Central (which I’ve written about at length). 3Jam… Read More