NVIDIA going mobile with APX 2500 cell phone chip

What say you to the idea of cramming an NVIDIA GeForce chip into your cell phone? It’s coming, and in high definition too. The NVIDIA APX 2500 is an ultra-low power mobile applications processin

Google and Dell making sweet, tender phone love?

Dell and Google, eh? They’re apparently maybe, sorta, potentially going to make a phone together. An iPhone rival, to be certain (maybe). The announcement is supposed to come at the 3GSM confere

HTC Debuts Three Windows Mobile Smartphones, Expands Range

HTC keeps cranking out smartphones faster than we can write about them, and today is no different, as there are three new Windows Mobile 5-powered devices on their way from HTC this quarter. The three

The Best Of 3GSM

We present to you some of the best posts from the 3GSM 2007 conference. Click for our full conference coverage. Motorola Z8 Hands On On the Road with the Nokia 6110 Nokia: Now With YouTube! Windows Mo

3GSM 2007: CrunchGear in Barcelona

Just settling in at 3GSM and we’re already spying secrets and strange launches. What, for example, is this amazing Motorola product we spied last night while grabbing press badges? And where can

Nokia E90 Communicator Out Of The Darkness!

Out of nowhere, the boys at Engadget have gotten three shoddy camera-phone pictures of the Nokia E90 Communicator—due to be announced at 3GSM soon. The E90 has a full QWERTY keypad and has a dua

Nokia N77 Set To Launch At 3GSM

Noticing the lack of affordable TV phones on the market Nokia is set to debut the N77 at 3GSM next week. It will be mid-priced so Nokia can infiltrate the masses. “Immediately when the phone pri

Rollable Display Device at 3GSM

Telecom Italia and Polymer Vision will demonstrate at 3GSM a rollable cellular device the pair recently agreed to manufacture together. Based on Polymer Vision’s Readius Concept, the device is m