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Weak Cellular Signal Impacts Your Business. Here’s How to Fix It.

By Alex Baker, Senior Content Manager at Wilson Amplifiers

The importance of reliable cellular signal is often overlooked. Many are willing to put up with spotty signal or a dropped call or two, chalking them up to simple inconveniences. 

Whether you’re a tech startup or working from a home office, you shouldn’t. And you don’t have to. 

Cell phone signal boosters are a reliable solution to bring cellular signal into any building, whether it’s a home, office, or business. weBoost and WilsonPro signal boosters improve the strength and quality of cell signal across all major carriers. Whether you have Verizon, AT&T, or T-Mobile, you’ll get better service. 

The Benefits of Reliable Cell Service 

Everyone knows how annoying dropped calls, slow texts, or buffering data is. What many don’t consider is how dramatically weak cell signal affects business. 

In 2018, SignalBoosters.com and Coleman Parkes Research interviewed 500 respondents in the hospitality, government, retail/wholesale, property management, and healthcare sectors. They found that, on average, their employees suffered 44 hours annually of poor cell service, which affected their jobs. That equated to a $1.8 million cost per company, up to an $8.6 billion cost for all companies across the US. 

Those numbers were before the advent of 5G and the massive shift toward work-from-home and remote work. If companies lost millions in 2018, it’s fair to say that number has risen. 

What’s more, this only applies to human work. With the Internet of Things becoming more and more relevant, constant uptime is no longer a luxury, but a requirement. Shaving milliseconds off data transfers can have real revenue implications. Weak cellular is not something that should kill your bottom line. 

With a signal booster, your business can take full advantage of the cellular network. Not only does strong cellular allow for reliable phone calls, but it also allows for a backup of data. 5G has made cellular routers as fast (and in some cases faster than) traditional WiFi. With a reliable cellular network in addition to your WiFi, you’ll never lose connectivity.  

What’s more, the cellular network is harder to hack into than traditional WiFi. You don’t need us to tell you how compromising data breaches can be. If you’re struggling with or concerned with network security, taking advantage of cellular is an often-overlooked avenue. 

If you’re into crypto, stocks, or value web security, the value proposition is obvious. 

weBoost Cell Phone Signal Boosters are Great Investments 

A signal booster is a one-time cost, with no recurring fees. They work for any carrier, covering every 4G bandwidth and low band 5G. All they need is a little bit of outside cell signal to work, with total coverage area varying depending on the strength of the outdoor signal. The weaker the signal outside, the less coverage footprint you can expect inside. 

Smaller weBoost systems cover homes, vehicles, or small offices. Each comes in a complete kit, with everything needed to boost signal. Installation can be done yourself or bundled with complete professional installation. All you need is to find your nearest cell tower, set up the outdoor and indoor antennas, and run some basic coaxial cable. 

weBoost has boosters for any situation. For remote workers, the weBoost Home MultiRoom is the top choice. It can be placed in any home office. Theoretically, it can cover up to 5,000 sq ft, but real-world use has it covering an average of 2,500 sq ft. At $569.99, it’s a no-brainer for companies looking to reduce employee downtime or anyone struggling to find signal while working remote. 

For small to medium office spaces, the weBoost for Business Office 200 is the most popular choice. It comes with a lot of added customization options lacking in the basic consumer units. Covering up to 35,000 sq ft, it reliably hits the 12,000 sq ft mark even in weak signal areas. There’s also a professionally installed version. The Office 200 works for retail stores, office branches, small businesses, strip malls, and more. 

WilsonPro Cell Signal Boosters for Premium Users and IoT Applications 

WilsonPro is the premium brand for high-end companies or commercial users. It features the highest-powered, most feature rich signal boosters on the market. It’s made up of two main lines: the WilsonPro IoT set, and WilsonPro Enterprise boosters. 

The WilsonPro IoT 5-Band can be used to create safe, secure transactions anywhere. Not only that, but it also hooks up to any machine running independently off low band 5G or 4G cellular. This doubles or even triples the speed at which they handle data. If your business relies on reliable, fast data rates, the WilsonPro IoT 5-Band will drastically improve efficiency. If your crypto mining operation is hampered by high data costs, ISP throttling, outages, or any of the like, consider a WilsonPro booster. 

The WilsonPro Enterprise line comprises the WilsonPro Enterprise 1300 and the WilsonPro Enterprise 4300. These are highly powerful boosters operating across the 4G and low band 5G bandwidths. A WilsonPro 710i can be added to one of these systems to improve its 5G coverage. 

These signal boosters are meant for large businesses and power users, covering up to 100,000 sq ft. They’ll cover up to 100,000 sq ft of area. This increases the efficiency of warehouse workers, office staff, healthcare professionals, educators, miners, and far more. The only drawback is that they are difficult to deploy for non-professionals. Fortunately, there is a team of nationwide installers that can handle the process. 

Commercial Installations are Handled Nationwide by the Bolton Install Pro Team 

The Bolton Install Pro team has years of experience in designing and integrating WilsonPro systems. They follow a simple, five step process: 

  1. Perform a site survey to confirm signal conditions in your area 
  2. Provide a customized design tailored around your building and budget 
  3. Provide equipment recommendations 
  4. Performance of installation 
  5. Perform a site walk to ensure signal reaches critical areas 

They operate nationwide, and have helped hundreds of businesses rid themselves of cellular and WiFi issues holding them back. 

Whether you’re a startup, an established brand, or a VC, the Bolton Install Pro team is happy to accommodate any budget and schedule you need to adhere to. Give them a call at 1-888-987-2658 or email them at pro@boltoninstallpros.com to get started. 

Learn more about how Wilson Amplifiers and Bolton Install Pros help businesses and startups struggling with poor cell signal.