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Build Your MVP With Net Solutions Pre-Seed Startup Giveaway

Calling all early stage startups!

Enter for a chance to win Net Solutions high-velocity structured program designed to help launch your startup’s MVP (minimum viable product). Since 2000, Net Solutions’ team of 225+ has developed web applications for over 3000 companies around the globe.


The giveaway winner will go through Net Solutions structured program lasting up to 8 weeks, to create a high-fidelity clickable prototype for your startup along with pitch deck graphic refinement. At the end of the core engagement, you will be ready with a fully fleshed interactive prototype using high-fidelity wireframes as well as a UI asset library to start development of your MVP immediately.

*Note that there is no back-end development or database work, but with this clickable prototype you will greatly increase your chances of raising seed money & attracting technical co-founders. This takes you from just an idea, to being able to showcase what you want to build. After the above process is completed we will help with improving the design of whatever pitch deck you have created, up to a maximum of 15 slides! More details below*

Giveaway Terms
Start Date & Time:
May 17, 2018, 12:00am PST
End Date & Time: May 21, 2018, 11:59pm PST
Only one winner be selected and they will be notified via email by May 22 end of day PST.

Net Solutions Structured Program Steps*

  1. Interview. Determines vision & purpose of your product.
  2. Backlog Creation. Flesh out a backlog based on your requirements.
  3. Prototype Scope. Select workflows/functionality for prototyping up to 15 screens.
  4. Critical Workflow Selection. From the prototype scope, select critical workflows that would define the core experience of the product.
  5. User Stories. Write user stories for critical workflows to ensure all nuances for the core experience are captured.
  6. UX & Wireframing. Define UX & create high-fidelity interactive wireframes.
  7. Design Language. Mock up 3 critical screens for a chosen platform/device to create core UI asset library & define the design language.

Learn more about Net Solutions here.

“Many non-technical aspiring founders have great ideas but struggle with getting a prototype built, which is a key piece to landing a technical co-founder and/or investors. We want to give someone a chance to build their dream.”
-Sean O’Brien, Chief Marketing Officer, Net Solutions