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Adjust’s global benchmarks 2.0: Empowering marketers to better understand app performance

All mobile marketers want to improve their apps’ performance, but finding the right data to inform marketing decisions can be both time-consuming and expensive. As the world’s leading mobile measurement and fraud prevention provider, Adjust has designed an industry-first benchmarks toolempowering marketers to better understand app performance and competition.

Now in its second iteration, Adjust’s Global Benchmarks 2.0 is designed to show users exactly how their mobile marketing measures up. The tool is a one-stop shop of the latest data on app performance – from average CPI and retention rates, to distribution of ad fraud methods. It’s also the first tool of its kind to make specific KPIs, such as session data, publicly available. Based on Adjust’s aggregated database, the benchmarks analyze an impressive combined total of over 7,000 apps and billions of installs worldwide.

Included in the benchmarks are metrics such as Click Through Rate (CTR), Conversion Rate from Click to Install, Cost per Mille (CPM), Cost per Click (CPC), Retention Rates, and Rates of Fraudulent Installs.

Adjust’s Global Benchmarks 2.0 forms part of the business’ wider mission to bring education and transparency to the mobile marketing ecosystem. Their easily accessible tools and resources aim to empower the market to tackle the most pertinent challenges faced in the industry – such as the rise in ad fraud – and give app marketers the insights needed to scale their business.

From there, users can slice and dice the data by quarter, vertical, acquisition type (organic versus paid), platform (iOS versus Android), and region. The latter covers Europe, Asia & Pacific, North America, Latin America and Africa & the Middle East.

This level of customization means marketers can create tailored reports, helping them to understand how their mobile marketing stacks up against the competition. Best of all, it’s completely free – saving users from having to purchase expensive reports which might not be relevant enough.

A preview of the findings

All the data is available, free of charge, on Adjust’s Global Benchmarks tool – but readers can also find a preview of the findings below.

As retention rates continue to drop, user experience is paramount

Data from the Global Benchmarks shows that retention rates – the number of users who still use an app after a certain number of days post-install – continue to drop. More than three-quarters (79%) of users don’t return the day after installing an app. One week later, and that number stands at 89%. As the opportunity to retain users shrinks, the data highlights the importance of creating a better user onboarding experience. By incentivizing users to check back into an app within the first week, marketers can usually see some boost in retention the first week after install.

Ad fraud on the rise as fraudsters add SDK Spoofing to their arsenal  

With ad fraud costing the mobile industry an estimated $4.9 bn, the issue remains front of mind for app marketers everywhere. The data from the Global Benchmark tool shows that fraud rates have increased slightly, and as methods of fraud constantly evolve, keeping an eye on distribution of fraud rates sheds light on fraudsters’ preferred methods.

Click Injection rates, for example, have risen dramatically – and now account for almost half (47%) of all fraud on mobile. SDK Spoofing has also gained in popularity, and makes up almost a quarter (24%) of all fraud tracked by Adjust. As one of the most difficult fraud schemes to detect, SDK Spoofing has rapidly gained momentum in the past year – and for some advertisers, we’ve seen single campaigns experience up to 80% of installs attributed to this type of fraud.

For a closer look at all the benchmarks data, visit the website here – or find out more about Adjust and its solution here.