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The Cross Chain Coalition Web3 Demo Day

In this 2-hour online event, The Cross Chain Coalition Demo Day highlights more than 12 projects working across infrastructure, DeFi, NFT, and gaming.

One of the Demo Day judges will be none other than Mary-Catherine (MC) Lader, the COO at Uniswap Labs. MC will be watching the pitches, and she’ll also have a quick chat about the future of DeFi with Taariq Lewis of Paloma at the 44 minute mark.

In addition to learning about some of the newest projects happening across the world’s fastest-growing industry, watching other founders pitch is an incredibly valuable experience. It often reveals ways to tighten and improve how you present your own startup.

Here are the featured startups who each get 5-minutes to pitch: BlockDog, Candy Shop, Coinfront, Holder, Knabu, Mentaport, Omni X, Paloma, Patache Digital (formerly Algo Returns), SmartPiggies, Verbwire Inc and Wallchain.

Enjoy the show!