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SKYWORTH is changing the smart home landscape with two new ultra thin TVs

Chinese electronics maker SKYWORTH recently announced two new giant screen TVs at CES that gained attention from international experts for their ability to be the control center of the smart home. 

SKYWORTH — a US$19 billion company that is leading its peers in TV market share in China — made a splash at CES by showcasing advanced tech, including a transparent OLED TV.  But the main event was the launch of two new premium TVs available to US consumers in June 2020. 

Both premium products — the W81 Series and Q91 Series — fit within SKYWORTH’s “Smart World AIoT ” or Swaiot system. Swaiot is SKYWORTH’s vision of the smart home of the future, in which its TVs act as the command center to control all the aspects of your smart home environment, like your smart refrigerator, washing machine, or smart climate control.

The W81 series and the Q91 series, each share certain functionalities like Dolby Vision and HDR 10 while maintaining unique features like a custom-made OLED display, an 8K resolution, or 8K HDMI 2.1 capability that sets them apart.

The W81 Series Wallpaper OLED TV

The W81 Series is visually and technically stunning, yet easily missed,  if you are viewing it from the side since it measures just 4.6mm at its thinnest point. This new TV comes in 65″ and 77″ varieties and features a self-manufactured OLED display. 

Attaching to the wall with a sleek magnetic fixture, it also has an always-on display function that shows you essential information like the time and weather. As the smart home control hub, the W81 Pro model has a 21-inch secondary screen hidden in a sleek console that also features a sound system. The secondary screen shows information as well as updates from your other smart devices. You can use voice commands whether the TV is on or off to control your smart devices. The W81 series can even distinguish between different family members’ voices, allowing it to provide more personalized responses to each individual’s preferences.

The Swaiot PANEL, powered by SKYWORTH’s Swaiot OS, is an additional device that can be paired with the W81 series. It allows you to control your smart home accessories or sync what’s being played on the TV when you are elsewhere in the home. 

The W81 series can produce crisp 2.1.2 channel Dolby Atmos audio. SKYWORTH’s proprietary Wonder Audio Sky Echo creates an immersive audio experience by sending sound waves around the viewing space at all angles.

The 65″ W81 and 65″ W81 Pro will retail for US $3,599 and US $4,599 respectively. Pricing and availability for the 77″ W81 Pro will be announced at a later date.

The Q91 Series 8K TV

The Q91 series 8K TV is SKYWORTH’s newest 8K offering and first 8K release for the US. It comes in a sleek navy blue with bronze accents that frame the massive 75-inch bezel-less screen. 

The Q91 also integrates SKYWORTH’s Swaiot ecosystem, making it an essential part of your smart home. With Swaiot, it becomes the control center for your whole range of smart appliances. 

The Q91 series delivers resolution four times that of 4K, powered by 120fps 8K and advanced picture technology from content access, SoC (system on chip) decoding, image signal processing, and display quality. The Q91 series has full-array local dimming that helps to ensure the highest quality picture.

The Q91 series also features artificial intelligence powered picture engine that performs complex digital signal processing to upscale lower-quality videos in real time. The 8K AI image processing engine analyzes, identifies, and reconstructs images to improve contrast, color and sharpness.

Like the W81 series, the Q91 series SoundBar can produce 2.1.2 channel Dolby Atmos audio, utilizing SKYWORTH’s Wonder Audio Sky Echo technology to send hi-fi sound waves around the viewing space to create an immersive audio experience. The Q91 will retail for US $5,999.

Learn more about the SKYWORTH’s W81 series and Q91 series here.