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Intel vPro enables hybrid work with security, performance, manageability, and stability

Kate Porter, Sr. Director, Segmentation & Scale at Intel® sits down with TechCrunch to share the benefits of the Intel vPro® platform. Intel vPro is a built for business PC platform found on commercial notebooks and desktop computers. 

Intel vPro has been around for 15 years — denoting tens of thousands of points of validation per generation and dozens of industry partnerships. It satisfies the security, productivity, and device stability needs as a built for business PC platform.

Workplace transformation has been a top priority for IT professionals for over the last decade. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit — forcing everyone into quarantine and changing the way we work — the technology behind vPro lended itself to a seamless transformation.

“One of the things I’ve come to appreciate about hybrid work is it’s not just about where you work, it’s also about how you work. I can choose to come into the office, I can choose to work offsite, or I can choose to work from home. Recognizing that I have a device that’s going to allow me to connect with both my organization and teams and also complete tasks digitally gives me a sense of freedom and autonomy while also feeling very productive in this environment.”

Learn more about how the Intel vPro platform can help move your business forward here.

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