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Onboarding, customer service, engagement and retention: Infobip does it all

In the age of digital connectedness, consumers have come to expect efficient and personalized interactions with brands. Most customers are more than happy to take their business to brands that deliver better experiences, a Salesforce survey concluded (1). In a similar vein, analysis by Harvard Business Review has found that quality customer service drives loyalty among consumers (2).

That’s why it’s more important than ever for businesses to wow their users with stellar customer service and clear communication. To meet that challenge, Infobip has crafted a full suite of services designed for companies with consumer-facing needs, from providing user account security to boosting customer engagement and conversions. Here are all the solutions Infobip offers that make it an essential part of any consumer-facing company’s toolkit. 

Speedy and safe customer onboarding

First impressions matter, and companies only have one chance to get it right. Infobip offers simple, secure, and communicative onboarding solutions that improve every part of the sign-up process for customers from the get-go. Infobip’s automated form-filling allows users to sign up with just their phone numbers, its one-time pins (OTPs) outperform other SMS providers, and its customized communication gives customers the flexibility to choose which channels they prefer to receive messages on.

The results speak for themselves. Kakao, one of South Korea’s largest internet companies, implemented Infobip in its onboarding process and saw their new user conversion rate jump by 90%, thanks in part to the quick delivery of OTPs. Meanwhile, major Kenyan bank HF Group experienced a staggering 300% increase of new accounts after implementing Infobip in 2018.

Customer engagement and retention

Successful businesses don’t stop wooing their customers as soon as they get in the door. Guiding the full experience for users is so important that the entire fields of UX and interaction design have emerged to address it.

After the sign-up process, Infobip ensures that customers stay engaged by offering various personalized messaging solutions, from proactive messaging for inactive users, to setting up campaigns for loyal customers. Moreover, Infobip’s solutions span across multiple channels, ensuring that customers’ communications needs are met regardless of what platforms they use for messaging, whether it be SMS, Whatsapp, email, or Viber. With Infobip’s SMS services, Gamigo kept its gamers updated in real-time — and medGo was able to connect hospitals with on-call staff.

Personalized and dynamic customer service

Another key to retaining customers and cultivating loyalty is having exceptional customer service. If a user needs support, Infobip provides immediate and customizable service that allows the customer to choose the platform on which to receive real-time assistance. On the business end, service agents are given the tools they need to better tailor their help. Agents are provided with a dashboard that shows them users’ profiles and conversation histories, equipping them with context for more effective communication — and conversations with customers using various platforms can be managed from a single interface.

The customer service solutions offered by Infobip are so effective that customer service companies themselves are implementing them. When Zendesk, a San Francisco-based company that serves customers in 150 countries, needed SMS messaging for support tickets, they turned to Infobip. The integration made it possible to check ticket status, give feedback, and to generate alerts when tickets are updated.

Operational efficiency on the company end

Even the best customer-facing products aren’t sustainable without streamlined internal processes to back them up. Infobip’s messaging can be automated for internal messaging, sending communications to staff and suppliers. Automation can also be used for targeted campaigns, sending messages to customers based on their behavior, consistent with the customer’s communication preferences.

With RCS Business Messaging, Infobip’s multimedia branded communication product, businesses can not only engage with customers using images and video, but also track and analyze the results of their communications, making campaigns easier to assess. For World Vegan Day in November, international franchise Papa John’s Pizza used RCS to promote a vegan pizza menu in the UK. Beyond generating 23% higher sales than SMS outreach, the campaign also resulted in several restaurants selling out of the menu. 

The first campaign Club Comex, a large paint manufacturer, ran using RCS resulted in a revenue rise of 115% over the previous year.

Security solutions that protect customers and drive business

Each year, billions of customer records are exposed by malicious actors; in the first half of 2019 alone, more than 4 billion records were compromised through data breaches (3). Without the right infrastructure in place, these types of attacks can greatly impact a business for the worse.

Infobip helps businesses protect customers and their accounts with secure authentication solutions, including two-factor authentication — which one Symantec study has found can decrease data breaches by a whopping 80% — and payment authentication (4). Better security goes hand in hand with business performance: Using Infobip’s 2FA SMS, unicorn startup Bukalapak not only saw a decrease in account takeovers, but also a rise in conversion rates. 

Infobip’s full stack of products has helped businesses connect with their customers and thrive on a global scale. Across all industries, consumer-facing companies can stand to gain.

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