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Fayvo is changing the way you save your favorites

Once upon a time, people kept track of their favorites by placing them in a physical box. These things were reminders of treasured memories, all kept in one place, to be cherished for years to come. Fast forward to 2020, the digital world has left everything completely scattered.

Our favorites are now plastered across dozens of unconnected online platforms. Some people post photo albums on Facebook, save music on Spotify or Apple Music, save places on Google Maps and upload mood boards, favorite recipes and interior decoration ideas to Pinterest.

But without a single place to keep track of all of our favorites, we sometimes lose out on great recommendations from friends and family. With all of this in mind, Fayvo has created a useful way for you to have a space for your favorites that can easily be shared as recommendations— this time, digitally.

Since 92% of consumers now prefer recommendations from friends and family over other forms of advertising, there’s a strong need for this sort of platform for today’s authenticity-conscious consumer. Fayvo helps users bridge the gap between finding and sharing recommendations with the people we care about most.

Fayvo’s journey started in 2015, when an entrepreneur struggled to find an easier way to exchange recommendations with his family. He was inspired to find a useful way to save favorites, organize them for future reference, and to share them as trustworthy recommendations with family and friends. This solution became known as Fayvo, and in just six months following the launch of the MVP in mid-2017, Fayvo grew a user base of over 30,000 users and is continuing to grow! 

Fayvo is a useful social app for users to save their favorite books, music, products, movies, places and more with family and friends throughout the world. 

Here’s how you can use Fayvo to easily create your own digital profile:

1. Save and Organize favorites from different categories in one place

Your Fayvo profile helps you create content and categorize all of your favorites into easily accessible boxes. For example, you could have a box titled “Restaurants”, “Movies”, “Travel”, “Music”, or anything else you enjoy, shared directly on your profile page. Fayvo makes it simple to separate your favorite things while still being able to find them in one single place, rather than jumping from platform to platform to find what you’re trying to bookmark or share. 

2. Use Fayvo’s integrated applications to simplify your Fayvo experience

Fayvo is unique in its integration with other platforms, allowing users to easily find the favorites they want to save and get closer to the action when discovering. Fayvo’s growing list of APIs include: IMDB, iBooks, Apple Music, Netflix, Google Maps, Amazon, YouTube, and much more.

3. Discover New Favorites

Our Fayvo community is growing every day with users sharing what they love across different categories in the world of fashion, music, culture, and beyond. New users can build their network with like-minded people from across the globe. While people appreciate saving their favorites, why not take it to the next level and build a community where they can exchange them with each other?  Now you can join them in making recommendations to your friends, family, and fellow Fayvo users. 

Fayvo’s business model relies on growing its user base and integrating social commerce to the user experience. This enables Fayvo to push native ads powered by recommendations, API affiliate plug-ins, and subscription boxes for businesses and influencers. 

Fayvo was recently chosen as one of the 19 rising startups from the 500 Startups Growth Accelerator program. Today, Fayvo boasts over 100,000 users and due to this remarkable recent growth, they’ve managed to drop the cost of acquisition to less than $0.30 in the past quarter. 

Throughout its journey, Fayvo has focused on saving, organizing, and sharing favorites across different categories. The team will continue their mission as they now open their Series A round of investing. With all the growth and success, they’ve managed since officially launching in mid-2019, Fayvo continues to look forward to new opportunities and growth markets.

Fayvo is now available in all regions. You can find it on the App Store and the Google Play store. With that in mind, Fayvo anticipates strong potential for growth as the app expands to new markets. 

“We’re proud to have launched an app that allows users to digitize word of mouth and centralize their favorites in a way they were missing on other platforms.” the Fayvo team.

Download Fayvo for free from the App Store or the Google Play store.

For more information on Fayvo, check out www.fayvo.com