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The future of women in AI: Taking a seat at the table

Organizations across a wide range of industries face a common challenge in achieving their AI goals — talent. Despite the increasing demand for AI talent, there is a large talent pool that has been historically largely untapped — women.

Companies with diverse and inclusive cultures have proven to fuel increased productivity and innovation within their organizations: the foundation for building an effective AI system.

Watch this panel discussion with leaders in AI from Dataiku, Snowflake, Alation, and Pfizer to explore common challenges and actionable strategies organizations can take to create equitable workplaces to fuel innovation.


Erin McGowan | VP of Sales Engineering at Dataiku

Debbie Reynolds | VP of Analytics Tools and Platforms at Pfizer

Julie Smith | Director of Data & Analytics at Alation

Alison Tierney | VP Sales, EMEA at Snowflake