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Stopping today’s cyberthreats doesn’t need to be complicated — or costly

The cyberthreat landscape is more vicious than ever. Phishing attempts skyrocketed 62% from Q1 to Q2 this year. Most malware arrives via email (94%), making our everyday communications a minefield. And since the majority of attacks are easily automated, individuals are at just as much risk as businesses.

Unfortunately, keeping our digital lives protected can be costly and complicated. That’s because individuals typically need two or three solutions to address the major areas of risk. 

  • They need to stop the latest cyberthreats — no small order when there are 450,000 new malware samples found every day.
  • They have to regularly backup so they can recover if they experience an accident, hardware failure, or cyberattack.
  • They ought to have advanced cybersecurity capabilities such as URL filtering to avoid malicious websites.

The ugly truth is that installing multiple security solutions doesn’t mean more protection. Using standalone solutions to cover every angle of your protection doesn’t work. The user experience is unwieldy and creates additional risk. Think how many alerts, updates, and recommendations you’d miss by constantly switching between consoles.

The agents for each product will compete for system resources, affecting system performance.

And that strategy is less secure since solutions that aren’t designed to work together create gaps in your defenses. 

But just as important, buying multiple standalone solutions gets expensive.

The rise of cyber protection

Thankfully, the emergence of cyber protection, which unifies cybersecurity and backup capabilities in one integrated solution, enables individuals to establish the comprehensive protection they need. 

There are several advantages that an integrated cyber protection product delivers. To illustrate, let’s look at the leading personal cyber protection solution, Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office (formerly Acronis True Image). In this case, one product provides: 

  • Next-generation anti-malware that is VB100 certified and independently proven to match or outperform other well-known solutions — so you don’t sacrifice your cybersecurity
  • Data protection, including best-of-breed backup, disk cloning, cloud-to-cloud backups of Microsoft 365 data, etc.
  • Advanced cybersecurity capabilities like URL filtering, on-demand virus scanning, and videoconferencing protection

All of which is managed through one console and installed via one agent. 

The unique integration of backup and anti-malware also offers capabilities standalone solutions cannot deliver, such as automatically recovering any data that’s damaged in a cyberattack.

Cost advantages of cyber protection

A comprehensive cyber protection solution not only eliminates the security, performance, and usability issues, it also makes greater protection more affordable.

At a minimum, you’ll want backup and antivirus solutions, which costs a combined $159.49. Similarly, an antivirus and cloud storage combo costs $139.98. 

Integrated cyber protection unifies those capabilities and consolidates those costs: a subscription to Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office (formerly Acronis True Image), for example, only costs $89. 

That’s another $60 in your pocket. 

Final thought

Facing the most challenging cyberthreat landscape ever, individuals need an effective, affordable strategy that’s easy to implement. A comprehensive cyber protection solution like Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office (formerly Acronis True Image) not only delivers the protection you need, it saves you money in the process.