What’s new in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

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What’s new in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

Announced roughly this time last year, Creators Update was Microsoft’s attempt to capture the creative types who have long been considered a core part of the Mac ecosystem’s userbase. The update brought simple 3D content creation tools to Windows 10 and additional gaming functionality, among other things. The new Fall Creators Update, which is set to roll out to all users today, builds on top of many of those advances.

Like its predecessor, the new update brings more 3D content creation and helps ready Windows for Microsoft’s vision of a Mixed Reality future. There are also a number of other additions aimed at patching holes and addressing new input devices like the Surface Pen. Here’s a rundown of some of the biggies.


Mixed Reality Viewer

A simple tool that lets users bring their 3D creations into a real-world setting for an augmented reality experience. The execution isn’t up to ARKit standards, but it’s a fun experience nonetheless, with the ability to drag and drop 3D objects onto a real-world setting.


Remix Memories

The Photos app brings in simple editing tools to add music, 3D effects and animation to stories. Users can also toss in transitions and themes to make things look a bit more professional.


Power to the People

Additions to the People contact app include the ability to pin a contact to the task bar, drop files onto a contact for sharing and additional emoji features that animate inside the task bar.


Edge Browser

With the Surface Pen, users can edit e-books directly in the browser and favorite sites can be pinned to the task bar. Microsoft will also be bringing Edge to iOS and Android, syncing things like tabs and Favorites across devices.



You can now switch to Game Mode directly inside the game itself, focusing the system’s resources on what you’re playing. The update also brings the ability to specify spoken languages on the Mixer streaming service.



As always, a new Windows means new security. This time out, you get added protections against ransomware like WannaCry. Microsoft has also added the ability to recover passwords and PINs directly from the lockscreen to help avoid accidental lockdown.


Find My Pen

The easiest piece of Microsoft hardware to lose just got easier to find. The company has added the Surface Pen to its Find My Device Offering. The Pen can also now be used as a simple PowerPoint clicker to get through those slideshows.