The Xbox One X Review: Unboxing and tearing it down

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The Xbox One X Review: Unboxing and tearing it down

This is the Xbox One X. A full review is coming, but until then, here are some pics of the outside and inside of unassuming gaming machine. The case is passe and boring. Inside are the chips and bits of the most powerful gaming console to date and they look great.


Xbox One X Unboxing

I’m excited. And I don’t get excited about unboxing gadgets anymore. After years of doing it, most of the time I just rip open the box, plug the thing in and write a disparaging review. I’m jaded I guess.

But this is the Xbox One X! It’s the most powerful Xbox yet and I hope it solves some of my biggest gripes with the Xbox platform.


This is it

The casing itself is slate gray with a touch of texture. It’s two pieces and looks unassuming. It’s subtle and if it was a car, it would a sleeper as no one would expect the power that lies under the hood.


Xbox One X

This is the most visible piece of branding on the Xbox One X. There’s one more logo on the machine and it’s located in the top left of the box but it’s a simple imprint on the plastic and is hardly noticeable.



The box of the Xbox One is well designed. The I/O ports are evenly spaced and use all the available real estate. It has the same ports as the Xbox One S besides a lock port unless it’s so well designed, I can’t find it.


Hello from Seattle

Microsoft loves to hide easter eggs through the Xbox. I found one more inside.


Xbox One X

This is the Xbox One S. It’s a boring slate black box with a white X on the front. But it’s what’s inside that counts.


Taking apart the Xbox One X

There are two Torx T10 bolts that need to be removed to open the Xbox One X. They’re on either side of the back under the I/O bar.


Warranty sticker?

The second Torx bolt is concealed under this sticker, which I assume is to tell Microsoft if a box was opened. Don’t try to get the sticker off. Just stick the T10 driver in the middle of the round part of the sticker and twist. The head of the bolt will catch and break the sticker when it’s removed.


Removing the casing

After the two bolts are removed the casing can be wiggled off the top by sliding it to the front of the Xbox One X.


Removing the bottom casing

To remove the bottom plastic housing, remove several large bolts from the panel just revealed. Two T8 bolts need to removed in the front right of the unit to detach a large ribbon cable. And then, right next to that location, there’s a tiny ribbon cable that needs to be extracted from its housing before removing the chassis from the plastic casing.


Inside the Xbox One X

Remove the metal chassis to reveal the insides of the Xbox One X. It’s a clever design, with most components relegated to their own quadrant within the unit. The cables connecting each component to the main board are the right length to allow for removal but not too long that they make a mess of the insides.



Chances are, if a person is savvy enough to open a gaming system, they know the different between the major components. But just in case, each are labeled in the Xbox One. It’s a nice touch.


Component labels

This is a fan, y’all.



The Xbox One X ships with a 1TB drive from Seagate.


Master Chief present and accounted for

Here we have Master Chief riding a scorpion. No, not the tank from Halo called the Scorpion. This scorpion stands for Project Scorpio, the code name for the Xbox One X.



Well, I reassembled the Xbox One X and discovered I had one screw left. I don’t know where it goes so I threw it away.