Everything announced at Oculus’ Connect 4 VR conference

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Everything announced at Oculus’ Connect 4 VR conference

Standalone headsets, VR replacements for your computer monitor and ways to share VR to the News Feed were highlights of today’s big Oculus conference. Click through or scroll down to get just the need-to-know info and GIFs from our in-depth coverage of Facebook’s vision for the future of virtual reality.



Oculus Go

The brand new Oculus Go is a standalone VR headset that doesn’t require a wire to a computer or a phone you stick inside. Shipping early next year at just $199, Oculus Go is much cheaper than tethered headsets and more convenient than mobile-powered viewers. Oculus is racing against Google, which is trying to get out standalone Daydream headsets from HTC and Lenovo first.


Oculus Rift Permanent Price: $399

After starting at $798 and seeing several discounts, the Oculus Rift and Touch controller bundle is now permanently priced at $399. For comparison the Playstation VR is $299 and the HTC Vive is $599.


Oculus Dash

Want more screen space? Instead of linking up multiple computer monitors, you could use Oculus Dash. It gives you near limitless 360-degree space for windows of all your favorite apps, from coding tools to Facebook to Spotify to Google Chrome. Dash ships with the new Oculus Core 2.0 in December.


Customizable Oculus Home

Oculus Home is becoming your fantasy geek palace. Starting in December you’ll be able to customize your virtual headquarters with sci-fi furniture, art, toys and retro video games you play.


Oculus for Business

Oculus is looking to boost sales through “Oculus for Business” which will sell companies $900 Rift bundles with dedicated customer support. Audi is using Oculus for Business to build a VR car showroom.


Facebook Venues

Facebook wants to let you watch concerts, sports, movies and TV with friends and the rest of the world inside VR. These experiences are coming next year in what’s called Facebook “Venues.”


Facebook 3D posts

Facebook will now let you take VR objects you make in the Oculus Medium sculpting app or Facebook Spaces’ marker drawing and share them to the News Feed. These 3D posts can be rotated, pinched, zoomed and interacted with, bringing VR experiences to those without headsets.


Facebook Spaces Masks, Toys, 360 Live

Facebook wants to make its Spaces VR hangout app more fun, so it’s adding new face masks you can wear, dice and cards to play with, and the ability to go Live in 360 so you can broadcast the Spaces fun to your friends on Facebook.


VR-drawn Quillistrations

Now you can view illustrations made with Oculus Quill, its in-VR painting app, with friends inside of Facebook Spaces.


Share, or check out more about the Oculus Go

That’s all the big announcements. Share this with your friends, or read about the day’s biggest news, the $199 Oculus Go standalone VR headset.