Nintendo’s upcoming Switch titles include Metroid, Mario, Kirby and an in-progress Pokemon RPG

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Nintendo’s upcoming Switch titles include Metroid, Mario, Kirby and an in-progress Pokemon RPG

Nintendo is back at E3, in much more successful spirits after the sales boom with the Switch’s launch earlier this year.

One of the game titles announced include an unnamed and still-in-progress proper Pokemon RPG, built by Game Freaks for the Switch. Updates to other franchises include Metroid Prime 4, Fire Emblem Warriors, a new Kirby title and much-awaited details on the upcoming Zelda: Breath of the Wild DLC packs.

Click through (desktop) or scroll down (mobile) to see what new games you’ll be playing on the Nintendo Switch starting this fall, up to a year from now.


Super Mario Odyssey

It’s the tried-and-true 3D platform, Super Mario game that you’ve been waiting for since Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Super Mario 3D World in 2010 and 2013, respectively.

However, in Super Mario Odyssey hats will be your source of all sorts of new power-ups, as well as the crossing-over between what looks to be a human world and everything else other than the Mushroom Kingdom.


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild — Expansion Packs

Currently the Switch’s leading game title, Breath of the Wild is due for two expansion packs: Trial of the Sword, a survival/climbing up the ranks game mode. The second DLC features the four Hylian Champions seen the game’s main quest, including accompanying Amiibo that can be used in-game.


Fire Emblem Warriors

The last we’ve seen of Marth and his friends in a Nintendo games was within the last Smash Bros. title on the Wii U platform. The upcoming Fire Emblem Warriors title will be about friendship and sword fighting, as it should be.


Xenoblade Chronicles 2

A young bog swordsman and his female fighting partner, who doubles as the spirit for his sword. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is a story about going home…and fighting colossal beats called Titans along the way.


Yoshi for Nintendo Switch

It’s Yoshi! Part scroller, part 3D, Yoshi for Nintendo Switch is the first time since the dinosaur got its own game title, since Yoshi’s Woolly World in 2015. Yoshi for the Switch is pegged for a launch sometime in 2018.


Metroid Prime 4

Metroid Prime 4, still a work-in-progress as a teaser, but coming as a Switch title in 2018. Definitely keep this in your sights.


Kirby for Nintendo Switch

Kirby for Nintendo Switch is arriving in 2018, with his Copy, Sword, Fire and Water abilities returning to the series. You can also join up to three friends for Ability Fusions. Sounds good if you ask me.


Rocket League

Rocket League is coming to the Nintendo Switch as port, including its multiplayer elements and customizeable vehicles. That’s all there is to it.