Meet The Expats Shaping New York Tech

Whether you call them aliens or expatriates, foreign-born professionals have played an enormous role in the evolution and success of the technology industry across the US.

From the far-reaching design impact made by Apple’s Jony Ive to the leadership of Sundar Pichai at Google, the tech space – and quite literally the world – would not be the same if countless world-class engineers, entrepreneurs, designers and disruptors hadn’t taken a leap of faith and brought their talents stateside.

While Silicon Valley is known as the epicenter of technology, New York City has been home to a great deal of expat-driven innovation in its own right. The Big Apple is the perfect city for an “Alien Influencer” to make a mark – the world’s most iconic melting pot of cultures and nationalities.

It’s not easy coming to a new country and adjusting to an unfamiliar culture, all while truly making a difference within a fast-moving and competitive tech industry and community.

We felt it was important to give these incredibly impressive expats their due, which is why we’ve recognized 20 of the most influential foreign-born technology industry professionals in New York City. From ten countries, we’ve identified a mixture of established players and the next big things. These are aliens with impact (in no particular order).