Here’s a sneak peek of what Disney’s Star Wars Land will look like

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Here’s a sneak peek of what Disney’s Star Wars Land will look like

This weekend is Disney’s D23 expo, where the company often unveils the first glimpses into what it has in store for the years ahead.

Our own Editor-and-Disney-aficionado-in-Chief Matthew Panzarino is down in LA for the event’s early access press day. Disney just pulled back the curtain on a bunch of stuff that’ll appear in the Star Wars Land parks that are set to open at Disneyland and Disney World in 2019, and he’s got pics of everything.

I expect we’ll see quite a bit more about Star Wars Land (and, hopefully, the tech that’ll power it) throughout the weekend, but here’s a little sneak peek of what we’ve seen so far. Tap that right arrow to proceed through the slideshow — or if you’re on mobile, just scroll.


Proper Attire

Stormtrooper “guards” were stationed around the Star Wars area, properly decked out and ready to serve the Empire if anyone started looking with their hands instead of their eyes.


And for good measure…

There was blue milk — a favorite beverage of rebels and Aunt Berus (R.I.P.) everywhere


This is Star Wars Land

Here’s the miniature model showing what Disney is going for. We couldn’t get too close (higher-quality photos are coming as soon as we get ’em) just yet, but you can start to get a sense of what it’ll look like.

It looks like Disney is going to really use stones/rock facades to their advantage here in making the park feel like an entirely isolated, independent world — not just another chunk of the same theme park. If you’ve been in Cars Land at Disney’s California Adventure or the Mysterious Island section of DisneySea in Japan, you know how good they’ve gotten at pulling this off.


A little closer

Check out the buildings! Disney has already said they’re building a “new planet” for Star Wars Land rather than trying to do something like bring Hoth to the middle of LA, but you can definitely see the Tatooine/Naboo influences here.


It's beautiful

It’s like a gradient of a half dozen Star Wars planets, all blended together. Oh, and peep the Tie Fighter hiding behind the trees in the front there.

We’re hearing that Disney wants to go super light on the signage around the park (wait times, directional signs, etc.) for the sake of immersion, instead expecting most visitors to have smartphones that can give them those details.

Photo Credit: @StarWars


Shifting palettes

Note the smooth transition from style-to-style from area to area. Whereas that last section was sandy and gritty (like a desert planet), this one is a bit more lush and water-stained (à la Naboo)

Photo Credit: @StarWars


And if you look reaaally close here…

Up in the upper left area, you can just make out the cockpit of the Millenium friggin’ Falcon.



That’s totally the Falcon hiding back there.


Video pan

A quick panning shot showing the scale of things.


They brought out a few other concept models, too, like..

This A-Wing!



This First Order transport vehicle… which, wouldn’t you know it, just happens to make the perfect vehicle for a theme park ride. Please keep your hands and feet inside the First Order Transport.

(We’re hearing that this car will be used in the Battle Escape ride.)


Or this Resistance Turret

Note the itty bitty translucent people they stuck in there for scale.



This area looks a bit more like D’Qar, where (spoiler!) Finn and Poe reunite mid-way through Force Awakens. Note the aforementioned A-Wing and Resistance Turret hiding amongst the trees here.

Photo Credit: @StarWars


Update: Video!

Disney just uploaded this montage of ultra closeups of the model that shows some stuff (like the Millennium Falcon) from new angles. Be still my heart.