Every Angle Of The Modular LG G5 Smartphone

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Every Angle Of The Modular LG G5 Smartphone

Meet the LG G5 smartphone. The company just announced this new flagship device at MWC 2016. It’s nice and feels great in the hand. But it’s claim to fame is its modular accessory system. The bottom of the phone pops off allowing the owner to dock different packs on the phone or just swap the battery.


The G5 Family

LG designed the G5 to be slightly modular. The bottom of the phone pops off and the company is releasing several packs that can snap in place. LG has yet to say how much the G5 or the accessory packs will cost.


LG Hi-Fi Plus with B&O PLAY

The Hi-Fi Plus adds a better speaker to the G5. Designed in part by B&O, this pack is said to improve the audio quality produced by the G5. It also packs a 32bit DAC. To use this amp, owners must plug their headphones into the 3.5mm headphone jack built-in to the Hi-Fi Plus rather than the 3.5mm jack located on the top of the phone.


LG Hi-Fi Plus with B&O PLAY

When used, the Hi-Fi Plus makes the G5 a bit longer. It also only comes in black.


LG Cam Plus

The LG Cam Plus puts physical camera controls on the G5 and adds an additional battery pack to the phone. This add-on features a dial to let the user have analog-like zoom control. It also rocks buttons for the shutter, exposure lock, and power. The pack is used in conjunction with the G5’s 2,800mAh battery and has an additional 1,200mAh battery.


LG Cam Plus

To use any of the accessory packs, the bottom of the G5 snaps off.


Swappable Battery

Like previous models, the G5’s battery can be swapped on the fly. The bottom of the phone pops off, revealing the battery.


Swappable Battery

Just don’t lose it.


Dual Cameras

The backside of the G5 houses dual cameras. One has a standard 78-degree lens while the other rocks a 135-inch lens, which LG says is the widest available on any smartphone.


Always-on Display

Like the LG V10 before it, the G5 sports a display that’s always on. When the phone is not in use, it will display the time and select notifications. LG says this feature only consumes 0.8% of the total battery life an hour and likes to point out how many times smartphone users toggle on their display just to find the time.



The phone feels great. The body is constructed entirely out of metal and there isn’t a sharp line on the device.


Compared To The iPhone

The G5 is slightly smaller than an iPhone 6s Plus and feels just as nice in the hand.


Compared To The iPhone

A user would be hard pressed to tell the difference in screen quality over an Apple device. At this point, most high-end smartphone screens look great until overly scrutinized.


The LG G5