The 7 steps of Elon Musk’s “Master Plan”

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The 7 steps of Elon Musk’s “Master Plan”

Why did Tesla buy SolarCity? To make your solar panel roof battery power your self-driving electric pickup truck. Elon Musk just revealed the second phase of his “Master Plan” and we broke it down so you can see the future too.


1. Combination Solar Roof + Battery

Tesla already built its giant battery Powerwall, and just bought Musk’s solar company SolaCity. The plan is to combine them to create integrated energy generation and storage.


2. The Factory As A Product

Musk believes Tesla can improve automotive factory efficiency 5X to 10X by 2022 to make Tesla’s vehicles affordable.


3. Autopilot 10X Safer Than Driving

With radar, sonar, AI, and other technologies, Tesla is striving to make its autopilot 10X safer than human drivers. Musk expects it will require 6 billion Autopilot road miles logged to reach global approval, which would take 5.5 years at the current rate.


4. Tesla Pickup Truck

Tesla wants to reinvent all kinds of automobiles, not just sports cars, sedans, and SUVs. Next in line is a pickup truck, imagined here by a Tesla forums user.


5. Tesla Semi Truck

Tesla wants to make massive 18-wheelers electric too. Radically reducing cargo shipping costs could have revolutionary implications. Here’s an electric truck by a competitor named… Nikola Motor Company.


6. Tesla Bus

Tesla is building an electric bus for urban areas. It will automatically match speeds of surrounding traffic to avoid lurching, and ditch the standard aisle down the middle for more seats. There are no prototype photos yet, but here’s a concept model of a different Transit Elevated Bus from designer Song Youzhou.


7. Tesla Sharing

Tesla wants to pay you to own one of its cars by having it drive other people around while you’re not using it. Look out, Uber.