11 bragworthy gifts for the 20-somethings in your life

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11 bragworthy gifts for the 20-somethings in your life

Welcome to the 2017 TechCrunch Holiday Gift Guide! We check out a lot of really cool stuff here at TechCrunch, so we figured we ought to put that experience to good use and help you get your holiday shopping done quickly. You can find all of our gift guides right here.

It’s me, TechCrunch’s resident 20-something back for a third year to help you figure out what to get the millennials in your life. Here’s a great selection of gifts that any student, grad or freshly-employed person would be thrilled to get this holiday season.

(Oh, and if you give us a present and we immediately start poking at our phone, don’t get too offended –  we’re probably just bragging to our friends about the sweet gift we just got.)

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Apple AirPods

First up, Airpods! Launched last year, Apple’s wireless headphones have become a cult-like hit among Apple fans. While they were around last holiday season they were incredibly hard to get a hold of, so now that supply has increased they’re a great gift for any young person in your life who likes listening to music and has an iPhone.


DJI Spark

The Spark is the newest (and smallest) drone made by industry leader DJI. It retails for $499 and basically fits into the palm of your hand, making it much smaller than DJI’s bigger drones like the Mavic Pro or Phantom.

But it’s small size and low price point doesn’t mean it’s lacking in power. The Spark can fly at speeds up to 30 miles per hour, record 1080p HD video and has the ability to fly up to a mile away when using the optional controller.

Another benefit of being small? It can fit in a backpack or tiny apartment drawer, making it perfect for that 20-something in your life.


Boosted Board

The Boosted Board 2 Dual+ is the best electric skateboard money can buy. It’s the California-based company’s second generation board, and can go 22 miles per hour with a standard range of 7 miles.

There’s also a larger, extended-range battery that will go on sale in early 2018 to increase the range to 12 miles. At $1,499 the board is a pricy present, but great for any 20-something that has a daily city commute.


Amazon Echo Dot

At only $49.99 (and frequently on sale) the Echo Dot  is a great way for someone to jump into the world of voice-powered computing. You can ask it the weather, tell it to turn off the lights or even have it read you the news each morning.

Of course this isn’t the only option – there’s a whole plethora of other Alexa-enabled devices sold by Amazon, and Google Home has a rival system.



if you don’t know Sonos, it’s a company that makes high-quality speakers and software designed to let you play music seamlessly work throughout your home. And the fact that it works via WiFi and not bluetooth (meaning the music won’t stop if you get a phone call) is also a huge plus.

Being able to push music to every room of your house feels like sorcery, and the Sonos is basically the best multi-room speaker setup you can buy. Sonos has a bunch of different products ranging from the Sonos One for $199 (with built-in Alexa support) up to the PLAYBAR for $599, with a few options in between. But all of these have great sound and access to the same user-friendly software, so you really can’t go wrong here. Any 20-something will flip for a Sonos product.


Nintendo Switch

This one is definitely for the millennials in your life that like video games.

The Nintendo Switch is the hottest video game system this holiday season, and essentially universally well reviewed by people of all ages. It’s especially great for 20-somethings because it’s a mobile console you can play during your subway commute, but also plugs into your TV when you get home. It may be a little tough to track down, but is a sure fire hit for any 20-something in your life that loves to game.



While Bitcoin is definitely the hottest investment of 2018, the vast majority of people still have no idea how to buy or safely hold some of this cryptocurrency. So be the cool family member and get your favorite 20-something some digital money. Regardless of it doubles or crashes to zero, it’s a great way to get them interested in cryptocurrencies and the future of digital payments.

It’s a little hard to buy and gift Bitcoin, but we recommend using Coinbase. After you sign up and buy Bitcoin you can send it to anyone using their email address, even if they don’t yet have a Coinbase account. They’ll get an email notifying you of the gift, and the option to claim it and open an account. Just remember, you can’t send bitcoin until you’ve completed a purchase, which can take up to a week on Coinbase – so make sure to get this present organized early.



The only thing that 20-somethings love more than eating interesting foods is taking and posting a picture of the food. That’s where Goldbely comes in – it lets you get food delivered from famous restaurants across America. Think Carnegie Deli in NYC or (my personal favorite) Stone Crabs from Miami Beach. And of course they feature deserts that are just made for Instagram, like Unicorn Poop Cupcakes or Edible Cookie Dough. They have gift options and subscriptions you can check out here.


iPhone X

It’s official – the iPhone X is the hot phone of this year. While some were worried it may be overhyped, the vast majority of early adopters are thrilled with the device and it’s edge-to-edge display.

Of course the phone is pricy at $999, but if you’re getting it for a family member you could always buy it with monthly installments via your phone plan. This item is also still in high demand, so try to order it as soon as possible to make sure it’s delivered before the holidays start.

Check out our review of the iPhone X here to learn more.


Battery Pack

Ask any 20-something what annoys them most and they’ll probably say having their phone battery die. For better or worse we’re all addicted to our screens and way too familiar with the feeling of losing power before the day is even halfway over.

This Anker battery pack is a great option – it’s affordable at $26 and can charge a phone about 3-4 times before needing a recharge. No one can ever have enough battery packs, and your 20-something is guaranteed to love this gift.

You can also check out our battery pack gift guide here, where we showcased our favorite 10 different types of external batteries.


Framebridge gift card

This one seems a little counter intuitive, but we think it actually makes total sense. Most 20-somethings have just moved into a new apartment or house and are looking for high-quality (and easy!) decorations that don’t break the bank.

Framebridge is a service that lets you send in (or upload) something to get framed at a fraction of the cost of traditional framing stores. They sell gift cards which you can check out here.



Classpass is a great gift for the 20-something fitness addict in your life. The service lets you take fitness classes at thousands of gyms in 39 cities, without having to sign up or pay the gym directly. It’s basically Netflix but for gym classes.

The startup sells gift packages here, and is a sure fire hit for anyone that lives in one of the 39 supported cities and lives working out.