Startup Alley

TechCrunch Tel Aviv‘s (7 June) Startup Alley is the conference’s expo hall where over 200 early stage startups and sponsors across all verticals will be showcasing their latest tech products, platforms and services. Startups in cybersecurity, AR/VR, mobility, robotics, fintech, biotech, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and more will be showcasing their companies in Startup Alley!

6 Degrees: Adaptive hands free motion controller for people with disabilities.

Alcide: Alcide’s data center & cloud ops security platform protects any combination of container, serverless, VM and bare metal.

Anglo-Israeli Products: Pre-Startup, marketing Personal Electric Vehicles and Amazon products.

Annoto: Turns passive individual video consumption to active, social and collaborative experience and provide comprehensive analytics and insights.

Apostera: An automotive company offering set of innovative products world-wide.

Architectronics: Develops STEM education products and interactive products for retail.

Chefii: Connecting people through the love of food.

CENS Materials: Develops materials and technologies for Li-Ion battery enhancement and performance.

Cloudonix: We are the first, in-app cloud carrier. Our communications platform gives our clients, in-app communications vendors, the seamless flexibility to meet their consumers experience-of-desire, only at half the cost!

Clusco: B2B Construction equipment marketplace.

Codota: AI Pair Programmer.

Creative IC3D: Functional additive manufacturing.

Croosing: Creators of the SUPERLINK – the 1st autonomous browsing technology.

Culidough: A blockchain based marketplace that incentivizes a community ecosystem creating, by rewarding with communitys token.

Deeyook: Provides absolute measurement sub-decimeter location were GNSS is degraded or limited, indoor and outdoor.

EchoCare Technologies: Non-wearable & non-intrusive elderly-care device that detects and alerts on various emergency and abnormal situations at home.

Edgybees: Developed the world’s first dedicated augmented reality technology for high speed moving platforms.

ExBand Networks: Specializing in deep technology investments. Our goal since has been to develop our unique analog technology into a product that demonstrates superior Bandwidth performance.

fitto: A B2B IoT data intelligence startup with the mission to globally reinvent the product delivery method of supplements and healthcare.

FlamingoWe design products form POC level into full production scale. We design Consumer Electronics, Medical Devices and for the Automotive industry.

Fleetonomy: New generation of data driven fleet management solutions to plan, optimize and operate smart mobility services.

Fly-AI: Turning doubters into buyers on e-commerce websites.

GeoX GIS Innovations: Provides Object Extraction service from Aerial Images and creation of geospatial database describing the images in a structured and analytical way.

GiirBox: Augmented Reality on Taxi Passenger’s Window. In-windshield video advertising (projected on taxi passenger window).

GoTo: GoTo’s Mobility as a Service (MaaS) technology platform enables mobility operators to easily set-up innovative car-sharing services through unprecedented scalability & flexibility.

Grivy: Connects physical stores with nearby consumers through location marketing technology.

HOPR: A mobility suite connecting people with transit in an easy, fast, and affordable way.

ICV: An end to end matching solution for tech companies and skilled candidates.

INVioU: Creates new possibilities of factoring for small businesses by using blockchain technology.

Innovesta: A comprehensive, innovative and effectual Crowd Due Diligence platform for early stage investors. Delivering trusted and actionable results, uniquely created by relevant members of our opinion leaders community.

Inpris: Launching Inprisway, an infotainment interface powered by SIGHTLESS TOUCH technology, providing distraction-free control over the phone, navigation, music, messaging and more.

IonTerra: Real time mapping and reporting of visual information utilizing connected car’s camera & cutting edge computer vision rtCVI™ technology

IPgallery: Urban Mobility is a division of IPgallery focusing on enhancing the Connected and Autonomous car rides in Urban Environments.

Kado: Thin charging technology developers.

Kirobo: Developing a blockchain based Safety-net to protect crypto assets from being lost or stolen

KMS Lighthouse: Software company in the enterprise Knowledge Management space.

L7 Defense: Protecting online platforms from Automated cyber attacks.

LeadR: The first market place that businesses can buy and sell hot qualified leads in real time.

Legally: Transforms legalese to plain language so that everyone can understand the contracts they’re signing.

Millentrix: Provides financial services for the cryptocurrency community.

Mind The Map: Data platform where citizens, consultants, policy makers and data scientists can explore, analyze and share earth’s most updated geo data library.

MindoLife: Sophisticated software platform that enables secure development and rollout of robust IoT solutions for home IoT and industrial IoT (Industry 4.0) applications.

MrGuardian: B2C mobile application in the forefront of remote care and safe lifestyle for family matters: Parents of school-age children, Children of Elderly Parents, Parents of the Young drivers etc.

Navin: Enables fast upscale, to become the world’s #1 community based pedestrian guidance and navigation app.

Neoven: World’s first portable food heating device.

NewRocket: Developing advanced, environmentally friendly (“Green Propulsion”), rocket engines based on innovative gel-propellant technology.

Over.AI: Voice AI platform for telephony.

overtok: Changes the outdated way users and businesses interact online and turns voice and web data into information.

Pekama: Reinvents how intellectual property is managed and helps IP firms and IP owners manage IP assets collaboratively and efficiently.

Pink Of View: AI technologies to allow women worldwide to proactively and intuitively assess their breast cancer risk.

Pontem: Issue tracking for startups

Qoobus: Connect demand with supply in transport & logistics industry.

REACH: Reinvents digital customer experience by allowing companies to conduct remote transactional meetings with clients.

Reflectiz: Scans web-sites with advance profiling and deep technology algorithms. The collected data is analyzed with AI and big-data capabilities to bring crucial technological insights.

Roadwarez: An IOT start up developing safety solutions for bike riders.

Roomerang: Leverages the strength of a diverse portfolio from Bed Banks and Hotel Wholesalers to offer better rates and availability that many of the large OTA’s.

SeeVoov: Offers an interactive, social, video-based trip planner

SellFee Tech: First eCommerce builder-game in the world where users build real eCommerce dropshipping stores and learn to manage and market them as they play challenging missions and quests.

Shieldox: An AI Security company combining the worlds of Security (Information Protection), and Collaboration (Information in Motion), to create the segment of Information Protection in Motion.

Shoodoo Analytics: Data Science-as-a-Service platform, allow organizations that all must start and to make day-to-day decisions based on advanced predictive and classification models, in a simple manner that does not require any prior statistical knowledge in an unbeatable cost and T2M.

Shotl Transportation: Mobility platform for corporations, business parks, municipalities, and transport operators that matches multiple passengers headed in the same direction with a moving vehicle.

Snappers: Crowdsourced global video coverage.

SoPick: Your Ultimate delivery solution.

Swace: Blockchain-based social gaming platform which provides the means for brands to meet their customers, in a fun, engaging, and rewarding way

superQuery: Serverless BigData optimization engine.

TankU: Transforms the complex and outdated gas station experience with a secure one-tap mobile payment solution.

Tap System: First wearable mouse and keyboard.

Trusti: Enables the creation of accredited and identified cryptocurrency wallets, with specific attributes defined by the authority certifying them.

Twik Technologies: Personalization tool that analyzes a broad range of KPIs and by that helps you to know your audience and what they like (from a group to an individual) and better engagement.

Via Vygo: Allows teachers and students to communicate and interact individually using an unique web-based formative assessment tool for a better evaluation.

Virtual Crypto Technologies: Developer of software and hardware for the purchase and sale of crypto-currencies through ATMs, tablets, PCs.

Vocasee: Developed a revolutionary service for automatic transcription of video/audio media content.

White Raven: Augments a connected vehicle’s surroundings with geo-aware information, retail offers, and entertainment, offering brands an innovative media channel that enables real-time customer action.

WorkNest: Boutique international services company that helps startups to scale by building a sustainable development center in Ukraine.

XM Cyber: Provides the first fully automated APT Simulation Platform to continuously expose all attack vectors, above and below the surface, from breach point to any organizational critical asset experience.

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