Applications will be open until November 15th at 9pm PT.

Apply here.

We will review applications on a rolling basis, so it’s to your advantage to submit as soon as you are ready. Due to strong demand, we are unable to review applications more than once, so please do not submit a draft application before you are ready for final consideration. Please note that video demos are required. We look forward to reviewing your application.


At the time of application, companies must have a functional prototype to demo to the selection committee. In selecting final contestants, we will give preference to companies that launch for the first time to the public and press through our competition. We consider new products from existing companies to be significant. Companies launching new feature sets do not qualify. We welcome startups from around the globe to submit their startups for consideration!


Is my application confidential?

  • All submissions are confidential to TechCrunch Review Committee unless otherwise permitted by applicants.

What are you looking for in a video?

  • The video is required so that we have an opportunity to see your product in action. Do not worry about production quality, camera phones or screen captures are more than enough. The important thing is that you show us some functional hardware or software. We understand that it might have limited features or not be the final prototype but show us anyway. Pro tip, we love it when you can walk us through a use case.

When will finalists be notified?

  • We generally take about one month from the close of submissions to select and notify our participants. All companies will be notified regardless if they are selected. Please do not contact TechCrunch until Thanksgiving if you are missing a notification.

If you worried about missing early-bird pricing for Eureka Park, go ahead and purchase the booth. If selected for the Battlefield, we will refund you the cost.

Does it cost money to participate?

No, TechCrunch does not charge companies to participate or require them to pay for CES tickets. However, if Vegas is not in your home city, your company is responsible for getting to/from the event.

What is included/required when you participate in the Battlefield?

Prior to the conference, your team is required to participate in a minimum of two pitch coaching sessions. These sessions ensure that companies are prepared to effectively communicate their product and vision our audience. For the most part, we travel to you, but in some cases rehearsals will require you to travel to a nearby city/state as coaching in person is most effective.

Also, two days prior to the conference is a required on-site technical check to ensure your product, demo and team look great on-stage.

In the Battlefield, your company will pitch on-stage (6 min) followed by Q/A (6 min). Of the ~15 participants, ~4 will be selected to compete in the finals on the last day of the conference. The finalist companies do the same pitch (6 min) followed by Q/A (12 min).
You will also have a booth in a designated section of Eureka Park for the Battlefield, tickets to the TechCrunch party, and of course, Battlefield swag.