Remix Contest

Tech-Crunch DISRUPT! With Disrupt SF coming up, perhaps you are starting to hum our memorable Disrupt music in your head. Tech-Crunch DISRUPT!

We are debuting new custom tracks at the event, but you can get a sneak preview in this post. You can also freely download and remix this music. Send us your best remixes and we will play our favorites during Disrupt. We are also holding a contest for the best remix. The winner gets 2 free tickets to attend Disrupt SF and a free Pro SoundCloud account. So get mixing.

We’ve been working with our music partners Smith & Keats to create some more original, addictive techie tracks. Use the player below to hear the new tracks, numbers 8 thru 11. You can also hear your old favorites like track 3, the Disrupt Theme Song.

Based on input from our commenters, we are also providing original Audio Loops to help you remix our tracks. These 17 cuts below are protected by copyright and may only be used for the TechCrunch Disrupt Remix competition.

Here’s how to enter the contest:
1. Listen and download any of the TechCrunch Disrupt tracks. Use the Download button below. You are free to put this music on your music player or re-mix. You can do anything you want with the music except sell it.

2. Remix the tracks.

3. Upload your finished tracks to our music dropbox on SoundCloud at When uploading content to SoundCloud you must agree that you own or have obtained all the correct rights, licenses, consents and permissions necessary in order to upload the content. You have the right to remix the Disrupt music.

4. When you upload your tracks to the SoundCloud site, you can use your existing SoundCloud account, or you will need to provide and confirm your email address. We will use this email to notify the winner. The winner gets two free passes to Disrupt and a one-year subscription to a SoundCloud Pro account (value €250/year.)

5. Give your track a title. Optionally, you can put your name in the track’s description.

6. The deadline is midnight PT, Monday September 3rd.

7. We will announce the winner on Wednesday, September 5th on TechCrunch.

Anyone can listen to all the contest entries here.

Since May 2011, our Disrupt music has been created by Smith & Keats, based in Auckland, New Zealand. Their creative team of Malcolm Smith and Steve Keats were the first New Zealanders to win the World’s Best Radio Commercial at the International Broadcasting Awards in Hollywood. TechCrunch gives these guys some musical ideas and styles, and Steve says they make sure “each track is just a fraction more modern than the original vibe requested, so that TechCrunch sounds edgy. You have probably heard their works done for other clients such as Facebook Games, Nintendo, Sony-Ericsson, Coca-Cola, and Pepsi.

Thanks also to SoundCloud for hosting the music and helping us set up the contest.