1st place: 1 year silver membership
$350 Fancy gift card
20 GB karma hotspot

2nd place: 6 months silver membership
$150 Fancy gift card
5 GB Karma hotspot

3rd place: 6 months bronze membership
2 GB Karma hotspot

Concur Technologies

Maximum $2,500 worth of gift cards: Best Use of Concur API – any new app submission using a Concur API, outside of the Re-Polished category. Prize distribution is $500 to each winning team member.

$100 Amazon gift card: Use of Concur APIs – first 10 teams that registers/uses/demos the use of Concur APIs, outside of the above categories, gets $100 (per team).


Xbox One
Nokia Lumia Icon

Yodlee Interactive

Yodlee Interactive is the leading provider in the financial technology arena for fast, secure, consumer authorized access to the broadest set of financial and transactional data across bank, credit card, investment, loan accounts, as well as bills, rewards, and insurance programs. Our fintech platform enables the smallest startups to the largest tech players to build solutions which are today innovating the way consumers and small businesses interact with their finances – from personal finance management where companies like Mint launched their solution, credit scoring apps like CreditKarma, small business or student loans, and even divorce management – developers are fundamentally disrupting the fintech space and making the once mundane, some of the the most engaging apps users have today. They’re gamifying their solutions, adding news feeds, adding social and other services along with our platform services resulting literally in a richer world of people more in control of their financial lives. Be part of the revolution – build with and be eligible to win a Dr. Dre Beats Pill (one for each member up to 4) and total cash award of $2500.


Best in Azure Award:
This Award is for the best use of Cloud Services with Microsoft Windows Azure. Points will be awarded based on overall User Experience, and usage of Azure Web Sites (1 point), Virtual Machines (2 points), Azure Storage (Blobs, Tables, Queues) (3 points), Azure Mobile Services (4 points) and/or Additional Azure usage (ie, SQL Databases, Service Bus, Active Directory, etc) (5 points).

Whether you are creating an iOS, Android or Windows app, the more Azure you use, the more points you earn.

The Winning team will be awarded a $400 Gift Card for each team member, up to 5 team members total. (total prize value $2,000)

Weather Underground

We’re giving away a $1,000 gift card to the best use of the Weather Underground weather API


Amazon Gift Cards 


Are you using maps or location services?

Our award is for best use of Esri’s mapping & location technologies.

Check out our developer tools at

SDKs and APIs

Mac OS X

Check out our wide array of powerful tools:

Create thematic interactive maps that allow your users to explore and understand their geographic data.

Search for places and addresses and display them on your map.

Generate directions, optimal routes and calculate drive time areas.

Ready-to-use Content
Choose from a collection of ready-to-use basemaps, demographic maps, and imagery and make interactive maps with your data.

Enrich your existing hosted services with demographic variables for a given study area.

Geotrigger℠ Service
Use the Esri Geotrigger Service to easily add location awareness to your apps.

Spatial Analysis
Analyze your data spatially to detect patterns, assess trends, and make decisions.

Real-time Processing
Connect to sensors such as GPS and mobile devices and process incoming data.

Access ArcGIS Online image services (basemap, multispectral, event and temporal) to visualize and analyze change.

Data Storage
Create custom REST endpoints to store and visualize your content.

Offline Editing
Take your maps and data offline to view, edit, search and find routes.

Check out more examples and documentation at


Grand Evernote Prize
Awarded to the best overall app that connects with the Evernote API
All members (4 max) win:
Apple iPad Minis and 1 year of Evernote Premium (each)


Best Use of CrunchBase API – $500