Attendee Details

Welcome to the Disrupt Europe 2014 Hackathon! Please reference this sheet for all your hackathon logistics needs.

WiFi Network Name: Cushman and Wakefield


12:30pm – Hackathon Opens / Lunch
1:30pm – Welcome / Announcements
2:00pm – Evernote API Workshop
7pm – Dinner
Midnight – Pizza & beer

7am – Breakfast
9:30am – Hacking Deadline. All submissions must be entered into Challenge Post by this time.
11am – Presentations begin, grab lunch before hand, none will be served.
2pm(ish) – Presentations conclude. Winners are announced.

Hack Submissions:
We’re using ChallengePost to handle all hackathon submissions. Be sure to register an account and get set up at if you haven’t already.

All project submissions are due at 9:30 a.m on Sunday, October 19th, with all code completed before the deadline. Late submissions can not be accepted, and you must submit on time to present on stage. You do not have to submit source code at this time — but if you find yourself in the finals, we’ll need to see your code for a quick audit.

To help with our code auditing, please commit to your Git repo early and often. If at all possible, your first commit should be just a file.

Presentation Connectivity:
When it comes time to present your project, our AV team will help you get hooked up to the projector. We’ve got connectors and adapters for pretty much every common display port, whether your demo is running on a phone or a laptop. For laptops, set it to display mirror @ 1280 x 720 (or closest).

Rules: Need a refresher on the rules? Check out:

What does the presentation consist of?
We’re looking for a DEMO, so show us what you built. Powerpoint slides are highly discouraged. You only have 60 seconds so make it count!

Also Consider:
Be mindful of what’s in the background on your screen. Clear your history, cache, etc to avoid potential embarrassments.
The projector is running at 1280 x 768. If presenting from a computer, set your resolution to that for optimal display quality.

How are we judged?
Judges will assess hackathon participants on a scale of technical difficulty, usability, usefulness and creativity. In sum, aim for a “wow” factor and you’ll be in good shape.

Each judge will rate your hack from 1-5.
If you receive an average of 3 or above from the judges, your team will receive two tickets to Disrupt. You will need to determine who on your team will get those.
After the presentation, we will announce Custom Award Winners & the grand prize of $5,000.

Who are our judges?
Camille Baldock -Government Digital Service
Eric Brotto – Startupbootcamp
Claudia de Antoni – Virgin Management
Tak Lo – TechStars
Melinda Seckington – FutureLearn, Miss Geeky

Also, check our amazing sponsor prizes from CrunchBase, Esri, Evernote, Intel Mashery, Matrix, Ministry of Justice, Nexmo, Paymill, Twilio, Yammer, Zalando