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The era of constant innovation at Amazon could be over

Watching AWS re:Invent this week, it was hard to get excited about the announcements, and it seems the age of innovation could be ending.

Box reaches $1B run rate in spite of a quarter dogged by currency challenges

Box launched in 2005 out of a dorm room. This week, after 17 years in business, the SaaS company reached a $1 billion run rate.

Amazon announces Eventbridge Pipes, a simpler way to connect events from multiple services

As developers use multiple Amazon services to compose an application, they typically have to write glue code to communicate between the different services, which can be a time-consuming manual exercis

No one seemed to see Bret Taylor stepping away from Salesforce (even Marc Benioff)

Salesforce co-CEO Bret Taylor's resignation was a shock, and it’s safe to say that few if any saw this coming — even his mentor, Marc Benioff.

Bret Taylor steps down as co-chair and CEO of Salesforce

It’s been quite a roller coaster ride for Bret Taylor over the last year. In one week last December, he was named board chair at Twitter and co-CEO at Salesforce. One year later, he doesn’

Pangea Cyber wants to simplify security for developers with an API approach

When developers are creating a new application, they may build security features over time or take advantage of commercial offerings or open source libraries to implement certain security functions su

AWS adds automated agent monitoring to Amazon Connect

AWS introduced Amazon Connect, its customer service-oriented product, some years ago, putting it smack dab in the middle of enterprise applications. It also places the company in the position of compe

Amazon introduces AWS Supply Chain to help bring order to supply chain chaos

Over the last several years, we’ve seen supply chain disruptions the likes of which we haven’t seen previously. The pandemic led to a series of issues that spiraled into a full-blown supply chain

Amazon announces preview of new Inf2 instances designed for larger models

As companies build more complex machine learning models, the cost of training and running these models becomes a real issue. AWS has created a series of custom instances to help bring down the cost, a

Amazon takes a step toward a zero-ETL future with two announcements at re:Invent

Amazon made a couple of announcements today at AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas that helps move data management toward a future without the need for extract transform load, or ETL. ETL is the bane of every

Amplio helps companies find components when supply chain breaks down

When COVID shut down much of the world in 2020, it ended up wreaking havoc on the supply chain. Suddenly companies built for just-in-time production couldn’t find parts they needed to build their pr

Amazon CloudWatch Internet Monitor lets you track connection-related performance issues

When it comes to performance issues, it’s hard to know where the problem lies. This is especially true when your monitoring dashboard shows an all-clear, yet you’re still hearing slow app comp

As employees shift from office, Cloudbrink provides a strong, secure internet connection

Most companies have worked hard over the years to produce strong and secure internet connections in the office, but over the last several years in particular, as more employees have been working away

Holmes’ sentencing sends a clear message that the startup ecosystem must be built on good faith

The startup ecosystem is built on trust, and the Holmes verdict on Friday sent a clear message that there are consequences for breaking it.

TechCrunch staff on what we lose if we lose Twitter

While nobody knows what will happen to Twitter, we can't help but consider what we'd miss if it went away.

OpsHelm emerges from stealth to automatically correct your security blunders

There are so many preventable cybersecurity incidents each year, if only you were aware of the problem. It could be the classic exposed Amazon S3 bucket or a firewall vulnerability. These are what man

Is web3 really the new phase of the internet?

Investors and startup founders are desperately trying to convince us that web3 is the next logical phase of the web. Is it?

Supernova wants to make it easy to move design elements to code bases

As companies increasingly turn to tools like Figma to design their software, moving the design elements like color schemes from the design tool to your code base can be a time-consuming and manual pro

As product-led growth expands, Loops digs into the data to track key metrics

Companies are increasingly looking at product-led growth, where the product helps drive market expansion. If you’re giving the people what they want, they will spend more money — or so the the

Weka announces $135M investment on $750M valuation to change how companies move data

If there’s one thing that gets the attention of investors, even in uncertain times like these, it’s data efficiency. Data is the fuel for machine learning models, and getting it from point A to po
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