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Good old-fashioned AI remains viable in spite of the rise of LLMs

Remember a year ago, all the way back to last November before we knew about ChatGPT, when machine learning was all about building models to solve for a single task like loan approvals or fraud protect

Amazon finds itself in the unusual position of playing catch-up in AI

"This might be the first time where people looked and said that Amazon isn't in the pole position to capitalize on this massive opportunity."

With Neptune Analytics, AWS combines the power of vector search and graph data

There’s been a debate of sorts in AI circles about which database is more important in finding truthful information in generative AI applications: graph or vector databases. AWS decided to leave

AWS adds Guardrails for Amazon Bedrock to help safeguard LLMs

We are all talking about the business gains from using large language models, but there are lot of known issues with these models, and finding ways to constrain the answers that a model could give is

Amazon announces three new serverless offerings to kick off AWS re:Invent 2023

Amazon kicked off AWS re:Invent, its annual customer conference, in Las Vegas tonight with a few new serverless offerings designed to make it easier to manage Aurora, ElastiCache and Redshift serverle

Where OpenAI goes from here is anyone’s guess

OpenAI's fate took a a twist nobody could have imagined last week, and all we can do is watch to see what the final outcome will be.

OpenAI mess exposes the dangers of vendor lock-in for startups

One thing that the OpenAI drama should teach startups is that they should never put all their eggs in one LLM basket.

Will 2024 be a bounce-back year for startups?

Enterprise startups were hit hard in 2023, but VCs are a little more optimistic about their portfolio companies heading into 2024.

Celonis adds an AI copilot to ask questions about a process map

Celonis, the German process mining startup with a $13 billion valuation, is taking a varied approach to AI. Like many enterprise software companies, it has been using machine learning models for a num

Salesforce names Denise Dresser to succeed Lidiane Jones as CEO of Slack

As promised last week, Salesforce announced the replacement today for Slack CEO Lidiane Jones, who stepped down last week after 10 months on the job to become CEO at dating app Bumble. In a post on X wants to help developers take control of third-party API costs

Developers have been increasingly using third-party APIs to build their applications, and depending on the API, the costs can escalate quickly. It’s been challenging for companies to find ways t

Why Flip AI built a custom large language model to run its observability platform

Observability is a bit of a buzz word in IT circles these days, but it basically involves monitoring a company’s systems, looking for issues or trying to find the root cause of problems after they h

Figma sweetens FigJam whiteboard tool with new AI features

While Figma waits to hear whether regulators will allow Adobe to complete its $20 billion acquisition, the startup is not sitting idly by. Today, Figma announced it was adding three generative AI feat

Sources confirm that Salesforce intends to announce new Slack CEO next week

It was a whirlwind kind of day at Salesforce and Slack as the company learned that Slack CEO Lidiane Jones would be leaving at the end of the year to become CEO at dating app Bumble. Sources, who chos

Bumble announces Slack CEO Lidiane Jones will be its new chief exec

In a fast-moving news cycle, a personnel change wouldn’t seem to catch our attention, but this morning dating app Bumble announced a doozy: It’s replacing founder CEO Whitney Wolfe Herd with Slack

PagerDuty scoops up incident management startup

PagerDuty announced this afternoon that it intends to acquire, an early-stage incident management startup. The companies did not share the price. Jeli was founded in 2019 by Nora Jones, a chao

New AWS service lets customers rent Nvidia GPUs for quick AI projects

More and more companies are running large language models, which require access to GPUs. The most popular of those by far are from Nvidia, making them expensive and often in short supply. Renting a lo

Snowflake brings together developer and analyst needs in new GenAI tool

Companies use Snowflake to store their data in the cloud. With the ever-growing interest in generative AI and large language models, customers are looking for ways to get started with the technology q

Why Comcast built an accelerator to nurture sports startups

Comcast, a division of NBCUniversal, which broadcasts multiple sports, developed an accelerator to help encourage sports tech startups.

With deadline looming, Broadcom tries to push $61B VMware deal over finish line

Broadcom announced its intention to buy VMware for $61 billion in May 2022. After clearing a number of regulatory hurdles, including the U.S., UK and European Union, it announced in August that the de
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