Google Pixel Fold’s Dual-Screen Interpreter mode brings subtitles to real life

Every so often a new software feature comes along that makes a hardware form factor a lot more useful. I would put Dual-Screen Interpreter mode in that category. The feature, which arrives today as part of a larger Pixel drop, leverages Google’s long-standing translation expertise.

By opening the device completely flat, you can speak to someone in a different language, with translations popping up on either side. So they’ll see what you’re saying in their language and vice versa. The system is currently available in 45 languages.

The Pixel Fold, which launched earlier this year, is Google’s first foldable. And frankly, the form factor makes it my favorite currently on the market. In fact, I brought it on a recent trip in place of a Kindle. The $1,800 asking price is still prohibitively expensive, but features like this will go a long way toward getting a lot more value out of the device.

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