Google Pixel Event 2023: Watch the Pixel 8 series reveal live

The biggest question at this point is whether Google has any more surprises up its sleeve. The company appears to have announced everything about the Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro and Pixel Watch 2 but the price. And even that appears to have been revealed amid a torrent of leaks. For a better idea of what we’re expecting from the big show, go check our our rumor roundup over here.

The CliffsNotes version is a 6.2-inch Pixel 8 and 6.8-inch Pixel 8 Pro, both with significantly brighter displays that would be easier to see in direct sunlight. Other potential additions include a thermometer sensor/app and improved imaging (naturally). The Watch 2, meanwhile is expected to be getting an electrodermal sensor to perform stress-level scans similar to those available on the Fitbit Versa.

Google will post a livestream link over on its YouTube page. If you want to be proactive about it, you can sign up here, and Google will alert you when things are about to kick off.

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