iOS 17 beta includes further hints that the iPhone 15 Pro will have an ‘Action Button’

Apple has released iOS 17 beta 7 to developers and it includes further hints that the iPhone 15 Pro will have an “Action Button.” The new details, which were first spotted by 9to5Mac, seem to corroborate previous rumors that Apple will replace the mute switch with a new Action Button.

iOS 17 beta 7 adds haptic feedback patterns for when the user enables or disables silent mode. These patterns will make the device vibrate more prominently when the user switches between them, which would be useful for new phones with an Action Button.

Previous iOS versions only included a quick haptic feedback for when the user enables Silent Mode, but never for when Silent Mode is disabled. Although the new haptic feedback for when Silent Mode is turned on is available for all iPhone models, the feedback for switching back to normal mode is unused.

9to5Mac was able to replicate the new haptic pattern when turning off Silent Mode. With the mute switch, it’s easy to know if Silent Mode is enabled or not, and if it’s replaced by a solid state button, haptic feedback will help users know which mode the phone is in.

According to MacRumors, the new Action Button will allow users to replace the action of enabling or disabling Silent Mode with the option to trigger a Focus Mode, record a Voice Memo, trigger Siri Shortcuts or open the device’s Camera.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reported last month that the new Pro models will come with titanium frames, as opposed to stainless steel, making them stronger and lighter. Their screens will also have thinner bezels.

Apple is expected to announce its new iPhones and Apple Watches in mid-September.