Verizon’s +Play is the first to bundle Netflix and Paramount+ with Showtime

Verizon announced Thursday a new streaming bundle through its +Play subscription-aggregation hub that will combine Netflix’s premium plan and Paramount’s upcoming merged streaming service, Paramount+ with Showtime. This marks the first time that rivals Netflix and Paramount+ have been offered in a bundle together.

The limited-time deal will cost $25.99 per month — a 19% discount on the regular price of the two services. Netflix Premium is usually $19.99 per month. When Paramount+ with Showtime launches next month, it will be $11.99 per month.

The subscription bundle gives Verizon customers about $70 in annual savings, the company wrote in its announcement.

“With partners like Netflix and Paramount+ with Showtime on +play, we’re leading the industry in offering customers the content they want, with never-before-seen bundles they can’t get anywhere else,” Erin McPherson, Verizon’s chief content officer, said in a statement.

Verizon’s +Play is exclusively available for Verizon mobile, 5G Home and LTE Home Internet customers in the U.S. It includes over 30 services, such as Disney+, Discovery+, Max (formerly HBO Max), Hulu, AMC+, A+E Networks, ESPN+, NFL+, NBA League Pass, the Peloton App and Duolingo, among others. The company plans to keep adding services over time.

When +Play launched in open beta in December 2022, users received one year of Netflix Premium for a limited time.