Just how hard is it for startups to raise capital today?

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If you are a founder looking to raise your first external capital or your startup is a bit farther down the line, you need to know what’s going on in the world of venture capital. Don’t worry, the TechCrunch+ crew has your back.

Building off TechCrunch’s rapid-fire coverage of individual startup funding rounds, we’re digging deep into the global trends shaping venture appetite to find out how startups are responding to the new and more conservative reality.

The good news is that while the good times of 2021 are fast receding in the rearview mirror, there’s still plenty of capital flowing. It’s less compared to times of plenty, sure, but billions and billions of dollars are being invested every month. Here’s the latest from our desks:

The TechCrunch+ crew is busy every day chewing through venture capital data, talking to founders about the current state of play and working to collate discrete pieces of news into trends and narratives so that you can focus on what you do best: Build.

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