Will AI receive the same celebrity-fueled hype as crypto once did? It’s complicated

When the crypto world was at its latest peak, celebrities quickly joined the gold rush. Tom Brady started a buzzy NFT business for athletes and entertainers with backing from a16z and Kleiner Perkins, among others. Reese Witherspoon said crypto is here to stay, encouraging “more women to be a part of the conversation.” And Paris Hilton, a longtime crypto enthusiast, reportedly named two of her newest pets “Crypto Hilton” and “Ether Reum.”

As crypto has sputtered and struggled in recent months, the spotlight is now on AI. Will celebrities follow venture’s newest hype train? Buzzy products spun out from OpenAI, such as ChatGPT and GPT-3, are helping to land billions in VC interest. But core differences between AI and crypto may mean that influencers turned venture capitalists may not be as eager to jump.

But does AI even need celebrities touting its many applications?