YouTube acknowledges its iOS app is crashing, says it’s working on a fix

YouTube’s mobile app on iOS devices is currently down for some users. The crashes began on Wednesday afternoon as thousands of iOS users reported the app would close shortly after opening it.

Users also reported seeing a message on the app that said, “A serious error occurred.”

TechCrunch tried to replicate the problem and experienced similar issues. We opened the YouTube app ourselves and found that after playing a video for 30 seconds, the app would close. We then reopened the app and resumed the video without any issues.

YouTube, in a tweet, said it’s aware of the crash and is working on fixing it.

The company first acknowledged the issue at 2:19 PM ET on Wednesday and the issues appear to be ongoing as of the time of writing.

As of 4:23 PM ET, YouTube replied to a Twitter user’s response of “thank you” after YouTube had directly told them a fix was in the works. It has not yet posted anything more about what has caused the problem or when it expects to have it resolved.

Update: At 5:05 PM ET, YouTube tweeted, “The YouTube app on iOS devices should now be working fine with no crashes!”