Five questions to consider ahead of Big Tech’s Q3 earnings

Today after the bell, Alphabet and Microsoft will report their calendar third-quarter financial results. Given the breadth of industries that each of these companies touch, their performance will provide us with rich data concerning different areas of the technology landscape.

The fun will continue tomorrow when Meta reports its own results. And later this week, we’ll hear from Apple and Amazon, completing the “Big Five” technology earnings reporting cycle in just a handful of days.

Get ready for a blizzard of numbers.

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Most folks don’t love reading earnings reports, dry documents that are an odd combination of canned CEO-speak and raw numbers. The proffered executive commentary is too pre-chewed to mean much, and numbers are just that: figures on a page.

To help you cut a useful line through the upcoming numerical flurry, I’ve detailed below five questions that TechCrunch+ wants to answer in the coming days. Our queries are centered around issues that impact startups, so we’ll relate each question and its supporting data points back to upstart tech companies.