Don’t miss our partner breakouts and Discovery stage sessions at Disrupt

TechCrunch Disrupt — taking place October 18–20 in San Francisco — is the world-class tech conference where startups go to grow. Building a startup is no easy task — not exactly a newsflash, we know. And it’s why we want to direct your attention to the companies we partner with to make it happen.

One of the things our partners do best is provide their expertise and educational resources. They present sessions on a range of topics that help new founders gain the confidence they need to move forward and build a solid business foundation.

Partners dispense valuable insight from our stages, and they’re always interested in engaging with interesting startups and looking for potential opportunities.

Here’s a grateful shout-out to the partners you’ll find sharing essential information and connection in breakout sessions and on the Discovery stage. Check ’em out — you’ll be glad you did.

How to Supercharge Growth, Utilize Cloud, and Reduce Burn with Martin Mao, CEO and co-founder of Chronosphere, and Ash Shehryar, founder and chief design officer of Pronto Media Group. Sponsored by Google Cloud.

The Great Expectations of Crypto and Blockchain with Denelle Dixon, CEO and executive director at Stellar Development Foundation, and Alex Holmes, chairman and CEO at Moneygram. Sponsored by Moneygram.

Turning Start-Up Acquisitions into Success for Legacy Business with Dave Latham, VP of product CDK Roadster at CDK Global, and Mahesh Shah EVP and chief product and technology officer at CDK Global. Sponsored by CDK Global.

Building the Visual Economy Through Developer-Led Innovation with Saranya Babu, chief marketing officer at Cloudinary. Sponsored by Cloudinary.

What Happens When We Don’t Have Diverse Voices in the Room to Help Shape the Future with Wemimo Abbey, CEO and founder at Esusu Financial Inc., and Leyonna Barba, managing director of middle market banking and specialized industries business at J.P. Morgan. Sponsored by J.P. Morgan.

Finding True Love in Tech Partnerships: The Dos and Don’ts with Kevin Issadore, head of business development, North America, at Marqeta; Brandon Krieg, CEO and co-founder at Stash; Tim Montgomery, SVP, North America digital partnerships at Mastercard; Chelsea Puckett SVP, strategic payments systems at Stride Bank; Parilee Wang, head of product at Alloy; and Ted Westhelle, senior manager at North American Digital Sales at Mambu. Sponsored by Mambu.

From Capital and Counsel, to Partnerships and Profits: How to Maximize Your Investor Relationships with Daniel Jacker, CEO and co-founder at ZaiNar; Emily Koster, director of communications at Samsung Next; Gloria Lau, CEO and co-founder at Alpha Medical; Rebecca Liao, CEO and co-founder at Saga. Sponsored by Samsung Next.

The Secrets of Managing Data for 5,000 Companies with George Fraser, CEO at Fivetran and Mark Kidwell, chief data architect, analytics data platform, at Autodesk. Sponsored by Fivetran.

How to Evolve Your Business Through Recurring Revenue with Dan Hardman, managing director, co-head of technology and disruptive commerce group, at JPMorgan Chase; Adam Tesan, chief revenue officer, Chargeebee; and Dmitriy Yakubov, head of partnerships at Checkout. Sponsored by Chargebee.

Getting to Yes and What Happens Next: An Unfiltered Chat with a Top VC with Navin Chaddha, managing director at Mayfield. Sponsored by Mayfield.

Famously Overlooked: How Underestimated Founders Survive and Thrive in a Competitive Market with Maëlle Gavet, CEO at Techstars, and Tashi Nakanishi, managing partner at HartBeat Ventures and CEO at XPV Group. Sponsored by Capital Connect by J.P. Morgan.

How Banks and Fintech Startups Can Effectively Co-Thrive with Chintan Mehta, CIO and head of digital technology and innovation at Wells Fargo and Madhu Narasimhan, EVP, head of innovation at Wells Fargo. Sponsored by Wells Fargo.

Tech Driven Biology and Chemistry: Solving Science’s Hardest Problems at Scale with Jacob Berlin, CEO, Terray, Peyton Greenside, CSO and co-founder, BigHat and Eric Zimmerman, principal, healthcare and life sciences, Amazon Web Services, AWS. Sponsored by Amazon Web Services.

Expand To New Platforms and Take your Games Direct-to-Consumer with Chris Hewish, president, Xsolla. Sponsored by Xsolla

Accessibility in Startups – What does being inclusive really mean with Beth Daly Torres, Alton McDowell, managing director – MM specialized industries industry verticals, J.P. Morgan. Sponsored by J.P. Morgan.

How to Achieve Product Market Fit (PMF) with Madhukar Kumar, head of growth, Michael Machado, head of product, and Dheeraj Pandey, CEO and co-founder, DevRev.  Sponsored by DevRev.

Look Beyond the Survey to Capture the True Voice of the Customer with Guilherme Cerqueira, CEO, Worthix, Sponsored by Worthix.

Fintechs Walking the Line: Ecosystems, Symbiotic Relationships With Banks, and What’s Next with Kevin Kollar SVP, growth verticals, FIS, Ysbrant Marcelis, Dylan Massey and Stephane Wyper, SVP Venture Investments, FIS Impact Ventures, FIS. Sponsored by FIS.

Expanding the Ecosystem: How to Get Institutional Investors Invested in You with Jeremy Abelson, founder and portfolio manager, Irving Investors, and Sara Araghi, director, Franklin Venture Partners. Sponsored by Capital Connect by J.P. Morgan.

Scaling Your Business During a Recession with Danny Angers EVP and chief growth officer, Mélanie Lavoie, senior VP, talent and culture, and Thomas Nguyen-Lien, general manager, customer advisory service, Vosker. Sponsored by Vosker.

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